Whenever a machine stops working correctly, we often do not know why that happens. That is why we need some minimum idea about the things we are regularly using. 

Just like water jamming in an air cooler. Have you ever wondered why no water comes out of the air cooler drainpipe? If yes, do you know the answer to your question? It is okay even if you don’t know because today we will learn about that. 

So without any further ado, let’s learn about the reasons and solutions to this common problem through this article. And I hope it will make your life easier even if it’s very little. 

no water coming out of ac drain pipe

Why no water coming out of ac drain pipe: 

The reason behind no water coming out of the AC drain pipe is jamming because of condensation. Whenever a clog happens to your AC’s drainpipe, your AC stops draining water like usual. 

That’s why you don’t see water coming out from your AC drain pipe. 

Symptoms Of A Clogged Drainage Pipe

We all know every problem comes with a solution. And every issue shows many symptoms before it occurs. But we often miss this part. 

Here are some symptoms of a clogged drainage pipe – 

  1. Foul odor near our indoor component 
  2. Water laying beside the indoor component 
  3. Suddenly AC stops cooling our home properly 
  4. Problems like turning on an AC or shutting it down occur. etc 

Should There Be Water In The Ac Drainpipe? 

Liquids coming out of the AC should pass through the AC drain pipe. After collecting water, all water passes through the drain pipe and falls outside. 

It is usual for an AC to pass 5-20 gallons of water outside every day. Especially when the days are a bit more humid than usual, more water droplets can be seen falling through the drainpipe when the weather carries heavy moisture. 

What Happens If Ac Is Not Releasing Water? 

If you see your AC is not releasing water, it means its pipe is jammed and not functioning well. 

Even though it sounds funny, just like us humans, AC also needs water. Sometimes you will see dry air coming out of your AC because of a lack of passing water. At this moment, what you should do is you should clean your AC’s filters often, especially in summer, to avoid this unnecessary trouble. 

If you don’t take care of this situation, you will have to face lousy odor, molds in your wall, damage in your wall’s plasters, and most importantly, because of those leftover unfiltered waters, it will freeze your AC and will make it disable. 

How Can You Test Your Ac Drain Line?

Here are some ways testing your AC drain line – 

  1. Turn on the AC and keep it on for at least 30 minutes. 
  2. Check if you can find water near your AC compound. 
  3. Use a light to check inside the drain pan 
  4. Check the overflow pan. If you see condensation, it means it’s jammed. 
  5. Lastly, clean it and pour at least a gallon of water until it passes freely through the pipe. 

What Are The Reasons Behind Clogged Ac Drain Lines? 

Let’s learn the reasons behind clogged condensation – 

  1. When your overflow pan collects too much moisture 
  2. Too much dirt or algae inside can clog the AC drain line. 
  3. If you don’t clean your air filters 
  4. Weather also plays a vital part in being a reason for clogged condensation. For example – in summer, there is lots of dust floating in the air. On rainy days, rains and storms happen to be a significant threat to your outdoor AC compound. 

How Do You Know If Your Ac Drain Line Is Clogged? 

There is a saying that states – “precautions are better than cure. ” If you can notice early that your AC drain line is clogged, you can save both your money and your AC. 

Here are some earlier indications that will show you that your AC pipe is blocked – 

  1. You can see from the compound’s back no matter what types of air conditioner you are using. If you see your unit’s water pan has water in it that cannot pass and also flooding, it means your drain line is clogged. 
  2. Newer air conditioners send notifications if your drain line is clogged. So make sure you don’t miss this; otherwise, it will create problems with your AC’s. 
  3. If you see your air conditioner is not working correctly, having issues while starting or stopping it, comes warm or dry air from your AC, etc., then it means your Ac’s drain line is clogged. 

How Do You Clear A Clogged Ac Line?

Here is some advice on how to clear a clogged ac line – 

  1. First, turn off the AC from the plug. Because safety first. 
  2. Find where the drain pipe is situated. 
  3. Pull off its cap by using your hands. 
  4. Check and remove if you find any rubbish. 
  5. You can pour some distilled vinegar if you want. 
  6. Replace the pipe. 
  7. Wait at least 30 minutes before you start your air conditioner. 

It will be much better if you call a professional to do this job. Sometimes one wrong move can worsen the situation more. So, if you don’t have any experience cleaning drain pipes, it’s better to leave it to a professional’s hand. 

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How Much Should Water Come Out Of The Ac Drain Line? 

Your AC has a big responsibility which is cooling and dehumidifying your home. Dehumidification happens when your AC consumes all the moisture from the air and drains it through the drainpipe outside, especially in summer when the humidity is more. 

It is entirely normal for an air conditioner to drain 5 – 20 gallons of water per day. But you have to keep in mind that when an AC is draining water, it has to be outside in your yard. If you see any amount of water falling from the air conditioner inside of your home, then this is a problem. Call the professional immediately and fix this problem. 

List Of Tools That Might Help Clean A Clogged Ac Pipe 

Here are some tools that may help clean a clogged AC pipe – 

  1. Tool number one that can be used, a shop vacuum. Go outside and find where your drain line goes, and connect the vacuum to the end of that pipe. Then turn the vacuum cleaner on and suck out all the excess water through it. 
  2. The second tool can be used to clean the condensate line. All you need is a little rubber tube, a couple of hose clamps, a pipe cutter, and a brush attached to a long wire. If you think your clogged is too stubborn, then find the drainpipe, cut it with a pipe cutter, brush it inside the pipe with that wired attached brush and see what comes out. When the work is done, attach that small rubber tube. Use those hose clamps to make sure of the leakage. 
  3. Tool number three, drain gun. Insert the drain gun into the drainpipe and use the pressure of the drain gun to remove a clog. 
  4. Tool number four, clog popper. Insert the clog popper into the drain pipe and then just pool. This one is the easiest and efficient one etc. 

Cost To Unclog An Ac Drain Pipe 

The cost of unclogging an air conditioner drain pipe can be quite costly. Cleaning it from the inside or replacing it, you better be ready to loosen up your pocket. 

It will take a minimum of $75 to $250 to replace or unclog your air conditioner’s drain pipe. So if you want to save some cash, better learn some easy methods which will play as a lifesaver in your life. 

Some Names Of Home Remedies To Clear An Ac Drain Pipe

We all know by now that cleaning clogs of an air conditioner are pretty expensive. So it’s an excellent option to see some home remedies. The best thing is, it won’t just make our lives easy but also comes at a much lower price and is often found in almost every household.

Here are some names of home remedies that can be used to clear the clogged drain pipe of an air conditioner. And they are – 

  1. Vinegar 
  2. Bleach. But make sure the line is not made from copper. A tiny amount of bleach won’t hurt, but don’t pour too much. 
  3. Hydrogen peroxide. 
  4. Vacuum 
  5. Boil water with Epsom salt. etc 


Machines are pretty tricky. On the one hand, it helps to make our life easy and comfortable. On the other hand, it comes with a price. Maybe that’s why people say, “the first best things are free in life and the second-best things are expensive. ” 

So from now on, if you feel or see something suspicious going around in your AC, do take a step before it gets worse. Clean your filter now and then. If it needs replacement, replace it. Do it by yourself or call a professional. Accidents are common now which are occurring because of broken AC’s. Besides, a clogged drain pipe is also bad for health because it can be a source of bacteria, dirt, and rubbish caused by it, damp and mold, all of these are bad for our health. A healthy life is more significant than money. Remember that. 

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