Air conditioners can be set up in many different ways. Among them, the most used ones are through the window or the wall air conditioners. But how much do they cost? Why are through the wall air conditioners more expensive? Why does the price differ?

The cost depends not only on the device but also on its installation. In general, the window setup is much cheaper than the wall setup because it is very easy to set up.

There are many air conditioners found in local markets. But you have to know about the expenses of all kinds of air conditioners and which is preferable for YOU to set up. The best fitting your need is the one choosable for use. 

Why are through the wall air conditioners more expensive

Why Are Through The Wall Air Conditioners More Expensive

Generally both through the window and wall air conditioner are not much expensive. But the initial installation cost and use of stronger parts make the wall air conditioner a bit more expensive than a window air conditioner. 

Think about the installation. A window air conditioner already has a hole to fit it in, and you just set it up on the window, and the work is done. So, It’ won’t need much professional help to install a window air conditioner.

On the other hand, through the wall, air conditioners are way harder to install. It’s also difficult to service. Think about just checking up a part of the air conditioner. You have to take the wall and whole air conditioner unit apart to check it. 

So, you must take professionals to install the wall air conditioner first time. Then, it would take them making proper space on the wall by drilling a hole in it, setting up the air conditioner, and fixing the wall again.

Moreover, through the wall, air conditioners are made with heavier gauge metal. And as it doesn’t have vent openings, it needs more metal to make the case.

Also, a window air conditioner is kept open and easily accessible. So it doesn’t have many risks of overheating. Its compressor can be quickly cooled as it gets air around it and uses the fan motor in the back.

On the other hand, the compressor of a wall air conditioner doesn’t get airflow from the sides, and it is ventilated only by the back motor. So, it is more prone to overheating as it is stuffed in the wall with concrete all around it. So, it takes more work to keep it from overheating.

The motor fan from the back does almost all the work. So, It requires more robust motors to remove enough heat from the compressor. These fans also need larger-sized copper tubing. 

A wall air conditioner also needs stronger parts to endure the pressure from the concrete. So, all these costs more to manufacture a wall air conditioner, increasing its price than the other types.

What Type Of Air Conditioners Should You Choose

The type of air conditioner you should select is not upon the AC, and rather it’s on you. It depends on your space and the reason for your use. There are many types of air conditioners you can find to buy. We have separated them into six categories. They are-

The basic central AC / Wall AC unit, Ductless AC, Window unit, Portable Unit, Hybrid, and Geothermal. Generally, these are the six types of AC you’ll find around you as standard. Among them, the wall AC unit and the window unit are the most common ones nowadays.

You might be confused that among all these types, which one you should select. Don’t worry. We’ll go through their properties and help you find out more so that you will be able to choose the perfect air conditioner according to your need.

Difference Between Through The Wall Air Conditioner And Window Air Conditioner

The primary work method of these two air conditioners is similar. The main difference between these two is nothing hard to guess. It’s the same as their name, the location to set up. 

Window air conditioners are designed to be set up on your window sill inside your home. It’s lighter and easier to install. But, it can be less efficient as it uses the window space, and some air can be lost through the window. 

On the other hand, the wall air conditioner is designed to be set up on the exterior wall of your home. It’s harder to install and takes a longer time to set up, but it’s a permanent solution for your home. In addition, it uses heavier components that are more durable.

It also tends to be more efficient as it’s sealed by the wall around it. So there’s no space to lose air at all.

Is It Possible to Put The Window Air Conditioner Through The Wall 

Good idea. But, the answer is NO. You can not use a window unit of Ac through the wall, and the window unit is only designed for a window setup, and you can not change the internal design. 

On the other hand, it has lighter materials used in its build. So using it on the wall might damage it and could ultimately result in some accident. That’s why you can not and do not use a window unit air conditioner through the wall.

Are Through The Wall Air Conditioners Better

All types of air conditioners have their pros and cons. One might be the best, but the other might be perfect for you. So, if you are trying to find the air conditioner unit best suitable for you, look up the pros and cons of the units.

In general, a wall air conditioner is found to be better than a window unit. It’s because the wall air conditioner has better cooling capacity than a window unit. If a wall air conditioner has more BTUs and a better fan, it can cool a room faster than any other.

Window air conditioners are easier to set up in your home, and it’s also among the budget air conditioners around. So, it might be your choice if you are looking for something economical. Moreover, it has better flexibility and can be easily shifted.

However, for the worse part, window air conditioners occupy your window space and might create obstacles in getting sunlight. Partially blocking the window can be not very pleasant visually, and also some models produce too much sound after using some time. And if you’re looking for something for long time use, you might want to go for other options.

On the other hand, wall air conditioners are hard to install for the first time. However, it is a good choice for a long-term solution. It’s more efficient, and it neither takes window space nor sits in your room occupying a big area. 

Nowadays, with the blessing of modern technology, many air conditioners have their internal thermostats, which can sense the room temperature. So if your room is cool enough, it will shut down on its own, which could save your electricity bill.

Does AC use too much electricity?

The honest answer is yes. An AC is one of the most energy-hungry electric components. After going through several results of usage of home appliances, the outcome we have found are-

  • Air conditioning and heating units use the most significant percentage of electricity, which is 46%.
  • A water heater which uses 14%; not so high like air conditioning
  • Other appliances use 13% and lighting use 9%.
  • The lowest use is occurred by TV and Media instrument, which is only 4%.

It is normal if an AC uses too much electricity. So choose wisely while buying and find the most reasonable one even if it costs a bit more than others. 

However, you can keep it to its common use of power by proper maintenance, cleaning, and servicing in need. That won’t reduce the usage than usual, but it will help you not get a bill that might give you a heart attack. 

How Costly A Wall Air Conditioner Is?

In general, the material cost of each unit of wall air conditioners is up to $883. Adding to it the labour cost of $34 per hour to install an AC unit and $42 per hour to upgrade the circuit, it might cost you an amount of nearly $1349 for each wall air conditioner unit.

Top Rated Through The Wall Air Conditioners In 2022

There are many wall air conditioners around a good range of budget. As mentioned earlier, there might be air conditioners that are best, but that might not be suitable for you. Try to write your requirements and check them with your choices to find the perfect match for you.

Here are some air conditioners we found to be among the best ones:

  1. Koldfront WTC8001W: Overall Best Through The Wall Air Conditioner.
  2. Frigidaire FFTA123WA1: Best 12,000 BTU Through The Wall AC Unit.
  3. LG LT1037HNR: Best Through The Wall Air Conditioner With Heater (by LG).
  4. MIDEA MAT08R1ZWT: Cheapest Through The Wall AC Unit (below $400).
  5. Keystone KSTAT14-2C: Best Big Through The Wall Air Conditioner (up to 700 sq ft).
  6. Friedrich CP08G10B: Most Energy-Efficient In Wall Air Conditioner.

The lifespan of a Wall Unit Air Conditioner

Generally, A air conditioner sustains 8-10 years with constant use. But if your air conditioner leaks or any other heating issue is seen, you have to replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might cause an accident.


Why are through the wall air conditioners more expensive? While Through the wall air conditioners are more expensive because of their installation cost and heavy & better parts, they are the perfect choice for permanent air conditioning of your home. However, you can choose a window air conditioner as a temporary solution. Or you can select any other according to your need. Choose the one best suitable for you; the options are there.


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