Should I replace my 20-year-old air conditioner? I have seen people asking this question many times. 

Everything comes with an expiry date. People have been asking around saying I don’t know when to replace my air conditioner or I don’t know my air conditioner’s duration or this air conditioner has been giving me service for years and I didn’t need to change it. 

Today by reading this article you will know when is the correct time to replace your air conditioner. I hope from today you will not get confused or you won’t face any trouble regarding this question anymore. So, let’s start discussing the matter of replacing a 20-year-old air conditioner.

Should I Replace My 20 Year Old Air Conditioner

Should I Replace My 20 Year Old Air Conditioner?

Now let’s reveal the answer. You should replace your 20 years old air conditioner because as per the department of energy, the density of the air conditioner is 10-20 years but it is recommended to replace it if it is above 10 years. If you ignore or fail to do so, any occurrence might happen anytime before you get a chance to understand what’s happening around you. So better be sorry for your loss, you should change your old air conditioner on time. 

What Is An Air Conditioner? 

The air conditioner is a device that collects heat from the internal environment and turns that heat to cool air and transfers back the cool air inside a room or building. 

In short, an air conditioner is a device that removes heat and moisture from inside a room and lowers the room temperature providing cool air.

Air conditioners are famous mostly in countries with higher humidity. 

Who Invented The Air Conditioner? 

Curiosity can take you to places that you have never imagined to be in the first place. For example An air conditioner. Has this question ever crossed your mind about who invented the air conditioner? 

The answer is, a young adult boy was in his 20’s. To be more specific, a boy who was 25 years old by that time, who also was a young experimental engineer, invented the air conditioner on July 17th, 1902 and his name was Willis Carrier. 

He invented the air conditioner because he wanted to help lower down the air humidity around the printer. He took an industrial fan to blow above the steam coil topped up with cold water. The extra moisture then condensed on the coil which then blew cold air.  

I mean can you imagine a young adult who has made a revolutionary machine that still helps us in every way possible?

How Does It Work? 

An air conditioner has a sort of similar working mechanism just like a refrigerator.  Firstly, the room’s hot air is taken in inside the air conditioner and is flown through the device’s cold evaporator pipes, which cools down the air and a part of the machine called the dehumidifier removes the unnecessary moisture from the air.

What Are The Three Main Components An Air Conditioner Has? 

 An ac has three components that play a vital role in these cooling processes. And they are – 

  1. Compressor. 
  2. Condenser coil 
  3. Evaporator coil. 

How Does A Compressor, Condenser Coil, And Evaporator Coil Work For Cooling Down The Air? 

They function together to convert the hot air to liquid and then cool it down back to air state, but this time as cool air. The pressure of the hot air is increased along with its temperature and is transferred to the condenser coil. 

The condenser coil cools it down to a liquid state, which is then transferred to the evaporator coil, which evaporates the cool liquid and transforms it back to cool air, which is then by the help of a fan inside the air conditioner is transferred back to the room. 

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Some Reasons Why You Should Change Your Air Conditioner.

There are some important reasons why one should change their air conditioner. The major ones are:

  1. If the cooling system of the air conditioner is above nine years old.
  2. If the air conditioner dysfunctions too much and is in constant requirement of service.
  3. Increase of billing constantly.
  4. The technology-based on which the air conditioner functions is backdated because, like windows or any other operating system, an air conditioner’s technology can’t be upgraded.
  5. If it constantly provides low-quality air, smells, makes too much sound, and doesn’t accept remote orders properly.

Can An Air Conditioner Unit Last 20 Years Long? 

Well, an air conditioner can last till 20 years, at maximum. But that’s a very rare case. In general, a modern technology-based air conditioner can last from 15 to 20 years on average, but air conditioners with old technology barely last from 10 to at max 12 years. It’s because the more an air conditioner ages, the more the capability of the machine inside the air conditioner decreases. 

How Do You Know The Air Conditioner Needs Replacement? 

There are many ways to understand if the air conditioner needs replacement. Some common ones are:

  1. If hot air is coming out of the air conditioner.
  2. If the thermostat is not functioning properly.
  3. When a very small amount of air comes out from the vent.
  4. If the air conditioner produces loud noise while running.
  5. If the air conditioner releases a bad or weird smell because an air conditioner is not supposed to do that.
  6. If the air conditioner is unable to remove sufficient humidity from the air.
  7. Leakage of water increases.
  8. Electricity bill is increasing constantly. 
  9. If the durability of the air conditioner is over. 
  10. Regularly needing servicing. 

Is It Necessary To Service An Ac Every Year? If So, Why? 

According to the experts, it’s best to service the air conditioner every year at least once. Because, it helps the air conditioner to function properly and constantly with some fine-tuning, as the capability of the air conditioner’s machine decreases every year. Also, proper care is also required for the air conditioner to keep running smoothly and efficiently. So, yes, it is necessary to service an air conditioner every year, 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Air Conditioner?

There is no surety or fixed cost of an air conditioner during replacement, as it depends on various facts. If the air conditioner is new if it has a warranty, how long the warranty has been expired if expired. How long the air conditioner has been running, what’s the inside and outside condition of the air conditioner, etc. 

But assuming you might need to give at least $4,350-$12,095 which also covers the labor and permit fees. 

How To Decide Which Type Of Air Conditioner That You Need? 

The decision to understand what type of air conditioner I need for my house depends on some factors. For example, if I am taking air conditioner for my room or for the house, budget, and location-based as in windows air conditioner for placing it in the window, or split air conditioner that has two-unit, compounding inside and outside of my house’s wall or a portable air conditioner, which I can move from one place to another. Deciding on all these factors can help decide the type of air conditioner that I need. 

Process of replacing an air conditioner 

Process of replacing an air conditioner step by step that you will need to follow – 

  1. First, detach the previous air conditioner. 
  2. When you detach the air conditioner, you might find some old dust or rubbish surrounding the area of your previous air conditioner. Clean it. 
  3. Now it’s time to fit your new air conditioner. You might need some new electrical stuff if your new air conditioner is not the same as your old air conditioner. 
  4. Read the company’s restrictions step by step and do whatever it is told.  
  5. After you finish your work now it is time to check if your new air conditioner is working properly. 

But remember it’s better to let this work be done by a professional. If you haven’t installed an air conditioner before you should not take any risk. It might damage your new air conditioner including it is highly dangerous to do this work if you are a noob. So don’t risk your life just to save some money. 

Benefits Of Replacing An Air Conditioner 

There are many benefits of replacing an air conditioner. They are –

  1. Replacing the air conditioner helps to decrease the rising consumption of energy due to the previous air conditioner. 
  2. Helps to lower down the electricity bills. 
  3. Is able to provide more comfort by providing more and fresh cool air. 
  4. Decrease unnecessary sounds or foul odor. 
  5. Increases the room’s air quality, more durability if the air conditioner is of a good one, etc. 

 What Kind Of Issues Might You Face With An Old Air Conditioner?

If the air conditioner is old enough, like over 15-20 years or so, the common issue the air conditioner might be showing are: 

  1. Blow of hot air. 
  2. Unable to  not function properly, 
  3. Blows less air, 
  4. Unwanted noises , 
  5. Provides unwanted bad smell,
  6. Not being able to provide enough cool air for comfort, 
  7. Leaks water more,
  8. Needs to be sent for servicing constantly, 
  9. Increases the utility bill etc.


The main reason for the air conditioner to show so much issue is that its curiosity. The older an air conditioner gets the capability of its machines to function properly decreases with time. As a result, such issues will start showing as symptoms. 

If an air conditioner is 20 years old, it means it survived and provided service for a huge amount of time and is finally in need to be replaced with a new one. So yes, if the air conditioner is 20 years old it must be replaced. 

However, I hope my article helped you to know the answer to your question to “ Should I replace a 20-year-old air conditioner?”.

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