How Long Do I Have To Register My Carrier Air Conditioner? Your air conditioner unit is one of the most essential elements of your house, especially when the weather becomes hot. Even while your air conditioning system should last 10 to 15 years, it will most likely break down numerous times during that period.

With their excellent warranty policy, Carrier provides the finest solution for these problems. Simply by purchasing their air conditioner, you will receive a 5-year warranty. However, you may extend this warranty by simply registering your air conditioner online.

You might be wondering about how long you have to register your air conditioner. Let’s find it out together here.

A/C units are prone to a variety of difficulties. An abnormally high power bill might indicate a problem. You could notice a leak inside, your unit isn’t cooling properly, or your outside unit isn’t turning on.

You’ll need a dependable repair solution for these and other concerns. You’ll know more about these concerns here as well.

How Long Do I Have To Register My Carrier Air Conditioner & Why

So, How Long Do I Have To Register My Carrier Air Conditioner?

For extended warranty, Carrier’s air conditioner must be registered within 90 days of it’s installation. The product’s limited warranty will be 5 years if the homeowner does not register online.

From January 01, 2009, Carrier increased the coverage of their product warranties. Speaking of the newly expanded warranty policy, it offers a 10-year parts limited warranty for Infinity, Performance and Comfort series items, that meet the basic specifications.

For this additional warranty within 90 days of installation, a Carrier air conditioner must be registered. The product’s limited warranty will be 5 years if the homeowner does not register.

How To Register Your New Air Conditioner For Manufacturer Warranty?

Manufacturer warranties protect you when you install a new air conditioner. Each manufacturer and model may have their own set of terms as well as Carrier. However, you must register your system in order to be eligible for the entire set of advantages.

It just takes a few minutes for homeowners to register their Carrier air conditioner online. Make sure you have the following information before you begin.

  1. The air conditioner’s serial number.
  2. Model of the air conditioner.
  3. Installation date.
  4. Name of the installer.
  5. Name of owner.
  6. Address of installation.

After you’ve gathered all of your information, go to the manufacturer’s website and register your air conditioner by following the instructions. The manufacturer will also need basic identity information from you, such as your name, address, and phone number.

Please keep in mind that there are registration deadlines. You have up to 90 days to register, but it’s usually better to do so as soon as possible.

Where To Find The Serial Number Of Your AC?

Your air conditioner’s serial and model numbers are always displayed on the unit, generally on the back of the compressor. The HVAC company also gives you this information when the air conditioner is installed. It’s either on the receipt or in a follow-up email.

Carrier’s Warranty Claiming Process

You must register your Carrier product online within 90 days after installation to submit a claim. Your date of installation, which is the date the homeowner acquired the home from the builder, will be required by Carrier.

To be eligible for coverage, make sure your product fits the following conditions once it has been registered.

  1. A licensed HVAC professional must install the product appropriately.
  1. Only devices that are still in their original installation site are covered by the warranty.
  1. Installation, usage, cleaning, and maintenance must all be done properly and according to the Installation Instructions.
  1. Defective components must be returned to the distributor for reimbursement through a certified servicing dealer. 
  1. The air conditioner must be installed after January 01, 2009.

Carrier’s Service Policy

If you discover any problem with your product, contact Carrier right away.

You can contact Carrier by phone at 1-800-227-7437, online, or in writing by certified or registered mail if there is a fault or complaint regarding the product, indicating the malfunction or complaint and a precise request for a replacement.

You can also contact the installer directly, whose name will be printed on the equipment and included in your owner’s package. 

Remember, proof of purchase may be required at the time of servicing, according to the service agreement.

What Affects How Long An Air Conditioner Lasts?

As you were wondering about how long you have to register your Carrier air conditioner, you may also wonder what affects the most of an air conditioner’s longevity. Here’s the answer to your question,

  1. Suitable Size. It’s necessary to have a system that’s the right size for your home.
  1. Shorter cycles cause greater wear and tear on an air conditioner’s components, so if the system is bigger than required, it will switch on and off too frequently.
  1. Air conditioning units that are too tiny for the room may run too long and fail to cool your room, causing parts to wear out.
  1. Installation Process. If your AC unit is not installed properly it impacts its longevity most.
  1. Airflow is hampered by ductwork that is poorly constructed, scaled, or sealed.
  1. If proper maintenance is not performed.
  1. Outdoor unit exposed to harsh weather conditions such as hailstorm, dry air, or other damaging airborne pollutants.
  1. Coil cleaning chemicals that aren’t up to par.
  1. Temperature set too high or too low – the ideal temperature range is 60°F to 80°F.

If your air conditioner gets damaged, you can always claim your warranty and get it repaired. So, registering your air conditioner online is quite important.

How Will I Know It’s Time To Claim My Warranty?

You can quickly identify that it’s time to claim your warranty if you notice certain issues with your air conditioner. Some common issues are mentioned below,

  1. Unstable temperatures.
  1. Incapability to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat.
  1. Noises that are new or have risen.
  1. Energy consumption is rising abnormally.
  1. Excessive humidity in your house.

Can I Transfer My Carrier Air Conditioner Warranty?

If you’re planning about buying or selling a property that has a Carrier air conditioner, keep in mind that the warranty can be transferred.

Now the question is, how long do I have to register my Carrier air conditioner? The answer to your question is, the new owner must register the air conditioner within 90 days after taking possession of the house in order for the warranty transfer to be effective.

When legally registering the air conditioner online, the warranty for future owners will be 5 years.

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What Does My Carrier Air Conditioner Warranty Cover?

Major components that are malfunctioning are covered by a Carrier AC warranty. It does not cover labor charges or equipment replacement caused by any improper installation, inadequate maintenance or servicing, or inappropriate administration.

If your new Carrier air conditioner needs repairs and replacements in the future, your HVAC provider may provide a parts and labor warranty that you may purchase to cover the cost of work and replacement components.

The terms will differ, so study the terms and conditions and discuss issues before buying extra warranties.


We anticipate that you have received your desired answer to your query about how long I have to register my Carrier air conditioner.

Carrier is a global pioneer in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration technologies which offers a wide range of heating and air conditioning systems equipment as well as the best warranty plans.

Other brands, such as Amana, Heil, and Rheem don’t give you 90 days just to register your air conditioner online. Also, simply registering your air conditioner online does not entitle you to a 10-year warranty.

That’s why we believe that the Carrier is the greatest overall home warranty provider.

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