Looking at all the lucrative options in the market might puzzle you to choosing the right carpet for your home. It’s hard to decide if you’re unaware of the differences between Nylon carpets and Smartstrand carpets.
At first, I didn’t know about these. Later on, I studied the pros and cons & feasibility of both materials. I can guarantee you are in the right place to clear your confusion

Here you’ll get from A to Z of Nylon vs. Smartstrand carpet. I will help you to set your preferences straight.  

Nylon Vs. Smartstrand Carpet

Nylon Vs. Smartstrand Carpet: Which One is Better?

If you consider gentle touch, stain resistance, durability, and eco-friendliness, Smartstrand is inarguably the answer. But if you look out for money & only emphasize heavy durability, go for the nylon carpets.

Have a look at the comparison table below.

Comparison Table: 

CharacteristicsNylon CarpetSmartstrand Carpet
DurabilityExcellent (10 to 15 years if handled with good care)Excellent as nylon
Softnessrougher texture comparatively Softer than nylon
Stain ResistanceComparatively goodGood (but not suitable for oil-based stains)
Mold and Mildew ResistanceGoodGood
MaintenanceGood (applicable with steam cleaning)Better (convenient with steam cleaning)
Eco-friendliness and Sustainabilitynon-biodegradable material can be recycledBiodegradable Made of corn sugar
Price$2 to $5 per square foot$2.29 to $4.48 per square foot
Warranties10 to 15 years25 years to a lifetime

Smartstrand is a state-of-the-art technology that provides a softer touch with better coloration.

Moreover, you’ll get stain resistance and durability altogether. It’s rare to be found in other fiber types.

Smartstrand is a true successor of Nylon carpet fibers. However, it comes with some cons as well. Nylon appears to be a better option at that time. So calling Smartstrand the best might be a debatable topic. 

How to Select the Right Carpet Fiber for Your Home

The Carpet Fiber you select will determine your new carpet’s longevity, softness & permanency of color. Also, you need to look out for costs and maintenance.

The Factors To Consider When You Compare Smartstrand Vs. Nylon: 

Quality and Durability

Carpet markets are full of versatile options of nylon and smartstrand. 

Talking about the quality, there is a slight difference in durability. Nylon is more resilient than smartstrand because nylon bounces back from compaction more quickly.

Mohawk, the biggest manufacturer of Smartstrands, claims triexta-the raw material- is as strong as nylon. So a triexta carpet withstands stress as much as, or better than, a nylon carpet of equivalent quality. 

But coming to a conclusion is tough due to the lack of Smartstrand’s experience in the market.

Nylon arrived in carpeting in the mid-1950s, so it has 7 decades of use to support its reputation for durability. Smartstrand, which first appeared for public use in 2009, is still a newcomer in the market. Although it has little proof on its claim, it’s serving customers prestigiously. 


Smartstrand basically is the winner in terms of the warranty. Warranties differ depending on the carpet quality, the materials, and the brands. Snartstrand guarantees you a longer and more comprehensive carpet than nylon warranties of similar quality.

For instance, the Mohawk Smartstrand collection offers a texture retention warranty of 25 years and a lifetime stain & soil warranty. But a nylon carpet of the same value assures texture retention and stain repellency for approximately a decade. Thus, Smartstrand is worth your money more than nylon.


You’ll find carpets of different quality & price of the same material. Nylon carpets are available as poor, good, and very good quality. So the prices are set accordingly. 

On the other hand, a smartstrand carpet will likely be more expensive than a nylon carpet of equivalent quality. That’s why purchasing a smartstrand can be off-budget for some people. 


Mohawk’s Smartstrand uses renewable corn glucose in place of petroleum (up to 37 percent) as raw material. This phenomenon is beneficial to both indoor and outdoor environments. Then there will be lesser volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions from the carpet. VOCs are chemical compounds that evaporate from solid or liquid synthetic products. They are toxic and a health hazard. Smartstrand is absolutely biodegradable.

Nylon does not come from renewable resources; however, some nylon materials are recycled, which reduces the burden of wastage.

If green is your main concern, you might consider buying a smartstrand carpet.

Stain Resistance

Nylon is more prone to stains. Nylon must be treated to resist stains; however, stains that penetrate the treatment can be troublesome to get rid of. You will need a chemical spot removal procedure. 

In contrast, smartstrand is inherently stain resistant. Simple water wash is all necessary to clean. 

Comparison summary 

Smartstrand has several plus points over nylon, except being resilient and durable. Smartstrand carpets are under research to reach an advanced stage when its rival nylon’s durability- will be perished. But don’t forget about stain repellency, ecological importance, and hygiene maintenance. Overall, Smartstrand is unquestionably a feasible and worthwhile alternative to nylon.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon was first brought to light in 1935 by the research head of DuPont – Wallace Hume Carothers. 

There are 2 main types of nylon used as nylon carpet material- 

i) Polycaprolactam or commercial name Nylon 6 

ii) Polyhexamethylene adipamide or Nylon 6,6 commercially,

Nylon is famous for its durability and can maintain a stable texture for a long time. But it’s not a pretty good stain. Nylon carpets are available in different qualities & prices in the marketplace. There are many distributors around.

Remember the name STAINMASTER™?  Well, STAINMASTER™ used to be the best brand for the highest quality nylon fibers & nylon carpets. 

Pros & Cons of Nylon Carpet: 

You need to know the ups and downs if you choose nylon over smartstrand.


  • Impressive durability and resilience 
  • Suitable for high pedestrian traffic areas
  • Good at mold/mildew resistance
  • Non-allergenic 
  • Pet-friendly
  • Available in every quality & price


  • High static electricity
  • Less soft with a harsher texture
  • Foot feeling not nice

Some Common Questions People ask about Nylon Carpet:

Why Is Nylon Carpeting So Popular?

Wallace Hume Carothers, research director at DuPont, invented nylon almost a century ago, back in 1935. At first, people began using nylon for women’s stockings and fishing nets. However, in the mid-1950s, people took nylon as carpeting material. 

Consequently, it overtook the carpeting industry by storm. Nylon carpet was sold like hot cakes as the first entirely synthetic carpet. It still holds its popularity among other synthetic fibers ever since.

Though Smartstrand carpets appear to be the biggest rival to nylon, it stands second to nylon’s excellent durability & resiliency.  Nylon doesn’t break when extensively stressed by shoes, children, and pets. The impressive texture retention keeps the carpet in shape for quite a long time. So you don’t need to get rid of it anytime soon.

Is Nylon carpet resistant to mildew?

As Nylon is non-absorbent to water, it is resistant to mold and mildew attacks. Nylon puts you an advantage when you spread them in humid places, dark basements, or on wet floors

2 Best Nylon Carpets I Like

  1. Dean Premium Super Soft Nylon Carpet Stair Treads/Runner Rugs – Renaissance Brown – Set of 15

I really liked its unique pattern, and the quality is fantastic. Especially the binding on the edges and the color. The feeling underfoot was therapeutic. The durability surprised me.

Loved using this. But the stain was quite tricky to remove. Had to keep my kids careful all the time. However, I didn’t have to worry about kids slipping. 

I will 9/10 recommend this. 

  1. 78 Ounce StainMaster Tactesse Type 6.6 Nylon Shag Area Rug

I have always heard about the goodwill of StainMaster carpet. Finally, I got a chance to use one.

And it was all worth the money! It was extremely durable. The texture is so smooth, and I’ve been using it for quite a long time. You can always customize your own design. I did mine.

The experience was pleasant. 

8/10 marking from me.

Smartstrand Carpet

Smartstrand carpet is the commercial name of triexta (Polytrimethylene Terephthalate, or PTT) fiber which is a blend of polyester and nylon fibers. It is pretty new in the market compared to the other carpets. Smartstrand possesses better stain resistance than nylon and more durability than polyester. 

So you get to have 2 good qualities in 1 fiber with a tender feeling underfoot. Smartstrand comes with better colors & styles as well.  The downside of Smartstrand is that all these advantages raise its price points much higher for middle-class buyers.

Mohawk, an American flooring company, first launched this carpet in 2005. Ever since Mohawk has been keeping up the reputation of the best Smartstrand carpet brand

Common misinformation lurks around that Smartstrand has all the features of nylon & polyester. But do remember that not all Smartstrand carpets are 100% triexta. Mid-quality brands sometimes blend polyester to lower the price range. So please check the raw material percentage of Smartstrand beforehand.

Smartstrand Carpet’s Pros and Cons

Smartstrand is new in buyers’ perception. Naturally, people feel the need to check every positive & negative aspect before purchasing. 


  • Long-time warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Nice durability
  • Multitude of color 
  • Good at mold/mildew resistance
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Soft & mushy feel underfoot
  • User-friendly 
  • Easy water cleaning
  • Child & pet-friendly
  • Extra-ordinary floor covering


  • Expensive 
  • Higher installation cost 

Some Common Questions People ask about Smartstrand Carpet:

Is Smartstrand Carpet Made From Corn?

One of the components to make SmartStrand fibers are taken from corn sugar. Corn sugar is a promising renewable resource and a smart replacement for petroleum in the carpet manufacturing industry. 

Consequently, every 7 square yards of a 40 oz SmartStrand carpet saves the energy equivalent of 1 gallon of gasoline compared to an equal amount of nylon! You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to save your planet. 

Can you have kids and pets with SmartStrand?

Why not! Smartstrand carpet is both child and pet friendly. What makes it specifically a child-friendly carpet is that it is not off-gas and hardly allergic to children. Cats and dogs can move to and fro comfortably. 

Smartstrand being high stain-resistant, food and drink spills, saliva, vomit, urine, and faeces from children and pets alike are less likely to get stuck into the carpet layer. 

2 Best Smartstrand Carpets I Like Most 

  1. Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Exquisite Portrait Carpet

I wanted something durable because I have three kids and a cat. So I chose this one. I’ve had this carpet for a few years, and it has amazed me with its beauty and durability. My cat scratches the carpet with his claws, and it still looks new. 

The stairs still look plush. Great product! I absolutely love this carpet. It is the cushiest, prettiest carpet I have ever touched. When we first put it throughout our entire house, we did a lot of tests on the samples, bleach, marker, mustard, and juice.

 To my delight, everything came right out without leaving a mark!  I even scrubbed extra hard on one, and the retention seems good. Not even any kind of odor bothered me. 

 Absolutely 10/10 from me.

  1. Lano Smartstrand Carpet 

I have been using Lano smartstrand carpet since last summer. Absolutely enjoyed its service. Very smooth and never faced any complications while cleaning. My pet cat loves sleeping on it. I let my kids play on the carpet without worry. The fear of soil stains doesn’t bother me at all! 

I will definitely 8/10 suggest this to anyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Triexta?

Triexta is a carpet fiber synthetically manufactured from poly trimethylene terephthalate, sharing a resemblance to polyester.

Is Trexia Carpet the Same as Smartstrand Carpet?

Triexta is the original material that runs under the commercial name- SmartStrand, Sorona or PPT.

Which vacuum cleaners are best for cleaning Smartstrand, and nylon?

Smartstrand and nylon don’t need any vacuum in particular to clean them. But if you still want scrupulous cleaning, we recommend choosing machines fit for all materials, namely, a vacuum with an electric brush head. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog and Miele Compact C2 Electro+ facilitate you with efficient cleaning of both the carpet and any bare floors (e.g., hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile).

Final Thoughts

I basically reflected on a common topic people reminisce about- nylon vs. Smartstrand carpet- which would be fit for my home?

From this article, I guess you finally have a crystal clear view of both nylon and Smartstrand fibers, respectively. Now that I pointed out the key differences between two carpet types, it’s easier to decide the right one for your floor. 

Here is some advice- study carpet fibers before selecting a new carpet. To buy the desired carpet, you need to know about nylon vs. Smartstrand carpet and which one is preferable. Trust me, and this will be beneficial to your investment. But Smartstrands is always to choose over other synthetic carpets any day. 

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