The Portable Spot Cleaner is the answer to all of your carpet staining problems. Our powerful motorized hand tool quickly penetrates deep into carpets, car interiors, upholstery, and fabrics to remove stains that have set in.

Rug doctor portable spot cleaner makes life easier compared to the old days. Sometimes, people face problems through rug doctor portable spot cleaners. If your rug doctor’s portable spot cleaner is not working or not spraying, this article is for you. You can learn about the reasons for the problems in detail and know the solution to the problem. So, keep reading!

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Not Spraying

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Not Spraying

If you face a problem, don’t worry. Firstly, Double-check to see that you’re pressing the spray trigger.  Secondly, keep the spray trigger depressed to ensure a continuous stream of water. Thirdly, the Clean Water Tank should be inspected to determine if it is empty or if it is running low on water or solution. If this is the case, remove the tank and refill it with water or solution as needed. You may need to press and release the spray trigger for 10-12 seconds in order to remove any air from the spray tube. Lastly, Remove the Clean Water Tank from the unit and replace it.

Spray Button Not Working

You can try the following solutions if you’re having trouble with the red spray button:

  1. Verify that the braided hose that feeds the cleaning solution to the spray nozzle is in good working order. Check to see that the hose is securely attached to the brass connector before continuing.
  2. If the hose is loose, pull the connector all the way down until you see the silver ball bearing at the bottom. Insert the hose into the connector and press down on the hose until it snaps closed. By gently pulling the hose upwards, you can ensure that the connection is secure.

Issues With The Vacuum

You can try the following solutions if you have vacuum issues:

  1. Examine the dome filter on the top of the machine if your carpet is wet but there is no dirty water collected in the white recovery tank as a result of the dampness. Check for any obstructions in the wire mesh filter; you should be able to see light through the filter at all times. If the filter is clogged, run it under running water to clean it.
  1. Check to see that the dome filter is properly attached. Ascertain that the black rubber seal around the top of the white dirty water tank is flush with the tank’s surface.
  1. Remove the gray rubber hose connector that is located at the back of the machine and set it aside. Turn on the vacuum and check to see if any suction is coming from the gray hose by turning on the vacuum switch.
  1. If there is suction coming from the gray hose, the hose should be reconnected. Tilt the machine back gently and place a newspaper under the front of the machine to protect it from damage. Turn on the vacuum and see if the machine can pick up the newspaper in its sucking action.
  1. If there is no suction coming from either the gray hose or the front of the machine, it is necessary to return the machine to the store where it was originally rented.

 Troubleshooting With A Hand Tool

You can try the following solutions if you’re having trouble with the hand tool:

Check that the braided hose that connects the hand tool to the machine is properly installed. Simply pull down the spring-loaded brass connector, insert the braided hose adapter until the brass connector snaps shut, and repeat the process if the connector is still loose. Pulling on the braided brass or chrome hose gently will reveal whether or not the connection is secure.

  1. Check to see that the machine is configured for hand tool operation. The white rocker switch located on the top of the machine can be used to change the cleaning mode of the machine.
  1. Remove the gray hose connector that connects to the hand tool and use your hand to check the suction for any leaks. Machines that use a hand tool with a red handle will not be required to remove the gray connector; instead, they will simply test the hand tool against their hand.
  1. Finally, immerse the cleaning head of either hand tool in a bucket of fresh water to finish cleaning it. Removing any blockages or debris requires vigorous shaking.
  2. If the hand tool continues to have little or no suction, there may be a problem with your machine. In this case, you should return the machine to the store where you obtained it.

Is It Possible To Have My Portable Spot Cleaner Repaired?

Repair service for the Portable Spot Cleaner is not provided by Rug Doctor. This machine is not intended for use in an industrial or commercial setting. If your machine is damaged or malfunctioning, please contact the RUG DOCTOR for assistance.

What If The Machine Has No Power? 

If you observe that your portable spot cleaner has no power, you can follow the guidelines which are given below:

  1. Check to see if the power cord is plugged in. If it is not, plug the cord into a nearby wall outlet. 
  2.  Make sure the power button is positioned to “on”. If it is not, press the unit power button to the “on” selection.

What Happens If The Suction On The Portable Spot Cleaner Is Absent Or Inadequate?

If the suction on the Portable Spot Cleaner is absent or inadequate, you can follow the guidelines which are given below:

  1. Check to see if the Waste Water Tank is full. If it is, remove everything from it.

2. Double-check the Waste Water Tank to ensure that it is securely seated and that it has been properly installed. 

If it is not, lift the Waste Water Tank and reposition it in its original position.

Inspect the float column inside the Waste Water Tank to see if the filter screen on the float column is clogged. 

If this is the case, remove the debris and clean the filter by running it underwater. 

3. Replace the insert and continue cleaning.

When The Handheld Motorized Brush Does Not Oscillate Or Move Back And Forth At A Consistent Rate, What Should You Do? 

If the Handheld Motorized Brush does not oscillate or move back and forth at a consistent rate, you can follow the guidelines which are given below:

  1. Check to see that the switch on the top of the Motorized Brush has been flipped to the “ON” setting. The switch should be in the ON position if it isn’t already there.
  1. Check to see if any debris or hair has gotten caught or tangled in the brush before you start by vacuuming the area.
  1. Clean out the brush of any debris or hair that has become entangled.

Is It Possible to Use The Portable Spot Cleaner On Automobiles?

The upholstery and carpet mats can be cleaned with this product, but it is not recommended for use on leather. Cleaning instructions should always be found on the fabric label provided by the manufacturer.

What Should You Do If Your Clean Water Tank Is Leaking?

If your clean water tank is leaking, you can follow the guidelines which are given below:

  1. Disconnect the Clean Water Tank from the unit and check that the cap and tube plug are properly aligned before reattaching it.
  1. If the Clean Water Tank is full and the tank is removed from the unit, there may be a small amount of water dripping from the cap as the tube empties. This is completely normal.

What Should You Do If Your Wastewater Tank Is Leaking?

If your clean water tank is leaking, you can follow the guidelines which are given below:

  1. Check to see if the dirty water has accumulated to the point where the tank is full.
  1. Disassemble the unit and remove the Waste Water Tank. Float Columns should be checked for debris and rinsed thoroughly after each use. When reinstalling the Float Column into the Wide Opening lid, make sure that it is properly aligned with the other components. Firmly press the button to ensure that it is securely in place. Replace the outer cap on the tank and reinsert it into the unit.
  1. If you use the Motorized Hand Brush, leave the machine running for up to 15 seconds after you have finished using it to ensure that the dirty water from the brush is collected in the tank.

Is It Necessary To Use Carpet Stain Protection After You Have Cleaned Your Carpet?

After cleaning the carpet, you won’t need to use any carpet stain protection products. Our SpotBlok® stain repellent is included in both our carpet and upholstery detergents, which helps to keep your carpets free of stains for longer.

To Clean Both Carpet and Upholstery, Which Detergent Should You Use?

Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent for carpets and Oxy Fabric Cleaner for upholstery are the products you’ll need to get started on your cleaning project. Unfortunately, Rug Doctor does not have a universally applicable solution.

What Amount Of Solution Does A Rug Doctor Require?

1 gallon of water should be added to 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Rug Doctor cleaning solution or white vinegar in a bucket, and stir well. For large areas, use up to 2.6 gallons of water and 1/4 to 1/2 cup solution or vinegar per gallon, depending on the size of the area.

How Many Rooms Can Be Cleaned With Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent?

According to the bottle size, you can clean the following number of rooms:

  1. A 1-liter bottle of cleaning solution will clean approximately 2 rooms (38 sq.m)
  2. A 2-liter bottle of cleaning solution will clean approximately 4 rooms (75 sq.m)
  3. A 4-liter bottle of cleaning solution will clean approximately 8 rooms (150 sq.m)

Is It Safe to Use Rug Doctor Cleaning Products Around Pets and Small Children?

All of the solutions are non-toxic and based on water. However, it is always recommended that small children and pets be kept away from the area that is being cleaned until it has been thoroughly dried.

What Types Of Stains Can Rug Doctor Products Remove?

There are a variety of stains that can be tackled with the help of trigger sprays.

  1. Among the stains that can be removed with Spot & Stain Remover are beer, blood, butter/margarine, chocolate, clay, cocktails, cough syrup, dirt/grass, food coloring/oil, fruit juice, berries, gravy, ketchup, lipstick, make-up, motor grease/oil, permanent marker, red juice, salad dressing, shoe polish, soft drinks, soot, white wine.
  1. Beer, blood, feces, gravy, ice cream, milk, perspiration, urine, and vomit are all eliminated by the urine eliminator.
  1. The following substances are cleaned with a high foot traffic cleaner: butter/margarine; dirt/grass; food grease; ink; lipstick; makeup; motor grease/oil; salad dressing; shoe polish; tar; varnish; wood stain; vegetable oil
  1. Among the stains that can be removed with Oxy Power Stain Remover are: beer, blood, butter/margarine/chocolate, clay/cough syrup/curry/curry sauce, crayon/dirt/grass, food coloring/grease/oil, fruit juice/berries/grape juice/ketchup/gravy, ink/jelly/jam/ketchup/lipstick/makeup/motor grease/oil/paint/water.

What Is The Proper Way To Reset A Rug Doctor?

Check to see that the power cord is properly connected and that the power switch on the top of the machine is turned on. If power has not been restored after several attempts, press the reset button. The reset button is located at the very top of the machine, on the right side. Ensure that your home’s circuit breakers and fuse box are in working order.

Is It Possible To Use Cold Water In A Rug Doctor?

Technically. Because the Rug Doctor does not generate its own steam, you will need to fill the water supply tank with hot, steaming water before using it. While cold water will not work as effectively as hot water, it will vacuum up the debris.


With the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, you can keep your floors looking their best even in high-traffic areas. Its dual brush technology and powerful suction allow it to clean and dry carpets more efficiently than the majority of other leading brands, making it an excellent choice for families with children and furry friends. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Not Spraying. As it is an electronic item, sometimes you may face technical problems. But you can also find the solution in this article.

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