Do I need a support bracket for my air conditioner? The air conditioner works from inside and outside. Outside, a bracket gives the whole AC support to work properly. Without support, an air conditioner has some risk in that fact. 

It is very useful and quite necessary to have a support bracket for an air conditioner. It keeps the air conditioner safe. Not only is it a safe option, but also a support bracket helps in the working process for an air conditioner.

Do I Need A Support Bracket For My Air Conditioner

Do I Need A Support Bracket For My Air Conditioner?

It is obvious that an air conditioner needs a support bracket for its own security. Not really but as it helps an air conditioner to uphold and bear the weight so that it could work like a good support system. It is not a necessary tool but surely it’s an important thing and no one should miss to set this up.

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What Is A Support Bracket?

An air conditioner keeps the circumstances cool and gives a peaceful area. For this, it needs to remove the moisture, heat, and other particles from the room and bring fresh cool air from the outside by applying its own method. As an air conditioner contains two sides- indoor and outdoor areas; the outdoor area needs good support to hold on to the air conditioner. 

It is really helpful to use a support bracket for an air conditioner as only a reliable air conditioner bracket can be an improvement for the internal area. If I manage to keep the right position between the brackets between the window and the fan, it will surely keep the home super cool and clean. In this way, one can surprisingly notice a clear environment all over the space.

What Does An Air Conditioner Bracket Do?

The air conditioner bracket is a very useful tool for HVAC systems. It helps an air conditioner in many ways, as well as bearing its weight. Some essential parts are –

  • These support brackets transfer some of the weight of the air conditioner off the window sash and sill. So it helps to reduce the pressure of the whole air conditioning system. 
  • A support bracket will make sure to minimize the chance of damage to the window. This way it can protect the window parts or the outside wall. 
  • There are some support bracket models that require no tools. They can be easily removed for seasonal storage or any other purpose.

How Do You Install An AC Bracket?

An air conditioner is a very essential tool for a hot summer day as it helps to cool down a room quickly. First, one needs to know how to set up the window unit when installing an AC bracket. Usually, the bracket is used to set up on the exterior window sill; so, it is important to select a bracket that is appropriate for bearing the weight capacity of the air conditioner unit.

There are some tools needed – measuring tape, power drill, small adjustable wrench, small level. Make sure to wear safety glasses as it needs to use a power drill for this purpose. 

The working process – 

  1. First, I need to measure the width of the exterior window sill and try to lift the air conditioner unit one side at a time to see if its weight is centered or not to the left or right.
  2. I Divide this measurement in half to mark the center point on the sill. If A/C has centered weight, then I would use the mark in the middle but if A/C is heavier on its right or left side, I would make a second mark three inches to the right or left of the first center mark.
  3. I need to find the mounting block, it came with the bracket kit and also I would drill a hole where I marked on the window sill at first while attaching the block with a screw.
  4. Then I make a position to the next block from the kit on the mounting block and attach the top bracket bar with screws to the sill blocks. It is not needed to tighten these screws completely yet.
  5. At this moment, I would take the bottom mounting bracket and attach it with bolts loosely to the top bracket. Also, try to adjust the brackets using a level on the top bracket. When I finally find the level point, angle the bracket very slightly downward so that water will drip away from the house.
  6. Once the bracket is positioned correctly, tighten all screws and bolts and mount the A/C unit on the bracket according to the manufacturer’s directions.

How Do I Use An AC Bracket?

An air conditioner bracket is used for supporting the AC from the outside as it helps to bear the weight. So, before buying a window AC one needs to make sure it has the right size and good recommendation according to the room. There are so many varieties on this site.

Some air conditioners come up with one or two or more L brackets, it depends on the manufacturer. If the upper pane is secured once, there will be a gap between the two panes of the window. It is needed to fill that gap with the foam seal included with the unit.

What Can Happen If I Do Not Attach A Support Bracket? 

An air conditioner will work just fine without a tool like a support bracket. If the air conditioner is new and light-weighted then there is no need for a support bracket, a solid window frame can support it very well. Air conditioners that are heavily weighted need support brackets badly. 

As long as the air conditioner is new, it may not need a support bracket. When time passes by, a support bracket is needed for its own support. It is better to set it as early as possible unless the air conditioner will seem unprotected and this can cause damage anytime, any moment.

How Long An Air Conditioner Bracket Last?

An air conditioner bracket is long-lasting or not depending on its supportability. To support the whole system these brackets need to be strong enough to support the weight of the air conditioner. It bears the maximum weight of an air conditioner so it can not be weak or early damageable. 

Most of the brackets are easy to install and last for at least 10 years. Although the best window AC support brackets are made out of heavy-duty premium steel so that they can give the high efficiency of their affordability.

Some Well Known Brackets For AC Unit : 

1. TopShelf TSB-2438:

Support capacity up to 200 Lbs. Exterior wall thickness is 6″ to 12″. Material is premium 18 gauge steel. Installation is very easy, no drilling method is needed. Window width 24″ to 38″

2. Jacent bracket:

Support capacity up to 165 Lbs. Exterior wall thickness is 2″ to 15.2″. Material is steel. The installation process is very easy.

3. Ivation Bracket:

Support capacity up to 200 Lbs. Exterior wall thickness is 4″ to 11″. Material is premium steel. Installation is very easy, no drilling method is needed. Window width 24″ to 38″

4. AC safe AC-080:

Support capacity up to 80 Lbs. Exterior wall thickness is 4″ to 11″. Material is steel. Installation is very easy.

Will The Air Conditioner Fall Out Of The Window?

It is funny to think that my air conditioner can fall out from the window. I have to make sure that everything gets set in the right position when I install my air conditioner. If the mechanic set it perfectly then there is no reason for something like that to happen unless any mistake has been made. 

One can choose the wrong air conditioner unit which does not fit in the window, then somehow the AC can fall out. As it fails to secure the unit in enough places. For a standard air conditioner, it may not fit securely in the window which opens out and also opens side to side.


A support bracket well…it can be described by its name that it mainly supports the air conditioning system. So, yes I do need a support bracket for my air conditioner. To protect from all kinds of damage and gain other facilities one should set up a support bracket with the air conditioner.

It not only does not support the system but also gives a clean area. After setting up a support bracket I can feel that my indoor system cleans up more efficiently than before. It makes me feel like my whole air conditioning system got smooth and clean.  

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