An air conditioner mounted on the window seal and plugs into a traditional electrical outlet is called a window air conditioner. Window air conditioners are very simple to use and famous in the market. And, you might wonder when you face the problem that is why is window air conditioner leaking water.

Even though almost everyone loves using window air conditioners, they come with their issues and problems. One of the biggest problems while using a window air conditioner is leaking water. Window air conditioners often leak water. Almost every window air conditioner owner faces this problem but doesn’t know the reasons behind it. 

To solve this issue, you need to know about it. You will get that knowledge after reading that article. By reading this article, you will find out 10 Reasons For Why Is Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water.

why is window air conditioner leaking water

10 Reasons Of Why Is Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water:

 There are many reasons why your window air conditioner is leaking water. So, here are 10 of the main reasons why your air conditioner is leaking water:

  1. Window Air conditioner Unit leaks water when there’s a blockage in the draining system: In almost every case, the leaks come from the front of the window air conditioning unit. Leaks like these occur due to the blockage in the condensation drain. 

Even though this is incredibly annoying, it’s still the most simple sailing leak to fix. Window air conditioning units operate like dehumidifiers. They take the moisture from the air inside your room. The moisture collected from the indoor air is then collected in the condensation pan. The overflow pan is connected to the condensation pan and the drainpipe, which helps with proper functioning. 

The condensation drain occasionally gets clogged, and when this occurs, dirt, mould, leaves and dead animals gather to clog the drain even more. When a situation such as this happens, the water can’t escape, leading to spillover. When such a situation occurs, you will notice water spilling. The amount of water that spills depends on the block. 

  1. There is a hole in the condensate pan. If you have been using your air conditioner for more than 10+ years, the condensate pan will start to break down, and there will be leaks on it. 

These leaks will cause the water to spill. The older units face this problem the most. Condensate pans collect the water the air conditioner unit gets rid of from the indoor unit. The condensate pan is located at the bottom of the window Air-Conditioner unit. 

This pan has less than 2pints capacity. The condensate pan must be intact, or the water doesn’t stay in the pan. If there is a hole in the pan or even a tiny dent, water will start leaking from that hole. 

  1. Frozen evaporator coils are often responsible for window air conditioner leaks. You have to get your air filters cleaned two times a year. If your air filters aren’t cleaned twice a year, then chances are the dirty air filters are what’s causing the evaporator coils to freeze. 

When the evaporator coil freezes, the window air conditioner will leak water, and if the case is severe, there’s the possibility of your window air conditioner even blowing hot air. Air filters are mainly placed to keep dirt, debris and bugs out. 

Impurities like these can be the reason behind condensation drain leakage. If the air filters of the window air conditioner are cleaned and replaced with precision, the window Air conditioner unit airflow will be unrestricted, and it will function normally.

  1. Low refrigerant levels can sometimes be the reason behind window air conditioner leakage. These leaks are incredibly annoying. 
  2. The condensate pump not pumping water out properly is a big reason behind window air conditioner leaks. This problem only occurs for people who placed their window air conditioner below ground level along with condensate pans. 

This is the rarest cause behind window air conditioner leakage. If you own a below-ground level Air-Conditioner, an in-built pump with your Air conditioner unit is crucial. 

This pump will help drain the water instead of using the drainpipe; this pump helps take the gathered water to the surface to get proper drainage. If the excess water isn’t taken to the surface, the condensate pan will overfill quickly and leakage.

  1. Sometimes, after installing your window air conditioner unit, it starts leaking. The main issue behind this is improper installation. When your window air conditioner isn’t installed correctly, it causes water leakage. You have to remember that this can also occur if you have just moved an existing air conditioner from one window to another.
  2. Not taking care of your window air conditioners sometimes causes water leakage.
  3. Skipping maintenance checks are a big reason behind window air conditioner water leaks.
  4. Trying to readjust your window air conditioner can often cause water leakage.
  5. Hiring someone who’s not an expert when it comes to window air conditioners can end up damaging your air conditioner and causing water leaks.

How To Fix Blockage Of Condensation Drain?

To fix the Blockage Of the Condensation Drain of your window air conditioner, you have to remove the blockage. You have to take the backside of the window Air conditioner unit off, then try to locate the condensation drain. 

If you find the condensation drain blocked, you have to get something thin that resembles a needle, toothpick, or thin screwdriver. If you want to release the blockage, you have to insert the thin object into the drain and wiggle it around.

After doing this, you have to Turn on the window air conditioner to check and make sure if the leakage is fixed or not.

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Ways to Fix A Damaged Condensate Pan

It is nearly impossible to fix a hole or a dent in the pan. You have to throw the pan away. The pans are pretty cheap. So, even if you are on a budget, you can afford to buy a new condensate pan. 

However, if you want to stop leakage, you can purchase and use water-resistant glue or resin to close that gap at the bottom of the window Air conditioner unit. If your window air conditioner unit is old, then the reason behind the condensate pan hole is corrosion. 

If corrosion is the issue, you will have to close multiple holes in the pan. There’s a Hugh chance that new holes are going to form. This is why buying a new pan or even a new unit is a much better option.

Fixing Dirty Air Filters 

Fixing Dirty Air filters seem very simple right? If your window air conditioner is already facing leakage, the refrigerant coil is still frozen. Cleaning the filters of your window air conditioner will fix the leakage in a matter of a few hours. 

However, you have to be prepared with a big towel. The remaining ice in the refrigerant coil will start melting and leaking through the window air conditioner during that time. Problems caused by evaporator coils can be severe and complicated. Your window air conditioner Leaking is just the beginning of your problems. 

If your window air conditioner has been facing neglect for some time now, a ton of other window Air conditioner problems will occur very soon into the future. You have to be cautious and keep an eye on the window air conditioner unit even after you have solved the leakage problem.

Benefits Of A Window Air Conditioner 

Window Air Conditioners are the simplest air conditioners on the market. There are many benefits of a window air conditioner. These benefits are given below:

1) Window air conditioners are cheaper than split air conditioners. However, it is crucial to remember the brand; cooling capacity is a huge factor in deciding the price.

2) Window Air conditioners provide the best cooling at an affordable cost.

3) Window air conditioners are easy to install. 

Here’s A List Of The Best Window Air Conditioners:

1) MIDEA U Inverter Window Air Conditioner 

Power SourceCorded Electric
Model NameMAW08V1QWT
Special FeatureDehumidifier
Item Dimensions LxW21.97 x 19.17 x 13.46 inches
Item Weight67.9 Pounds
Control MethodVoice
Energy Star5 Star
Inverter TypeHas Inverter

About Item: 

More than 35% Energy Savings: With the advanced DC Inverter technology, Midea U achieves over 35% energy savings compared to other traditional units, and it’s the first window AC to obtain the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 Certification. You may also get exclusive benefits from your local energy distributor.

Extreme Quiet: 9 times quieter than some traditional units. The U-shape blocks the noise from the cooling system using your window. This design allows for extremely quiet operation as low as 42 dBA – almost as quiet as a library – so you can get a restful night’s sleep or binge your favourite shows undisturbed. Maximum window thickness including non-removable handle: 2-7/8 inches

Flexible window open: Midea U-shaped design allows your window to open, bringing fresh air into your home anytime, allowing you to maintain more of your view. Refrigerant: R32

Smart Control: The Midea U is Wi-Fi-enabled. It can be controlled from anywhere through the cloud using the MideaAir app on iOS or Android. You can also use voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant if you prefer.

Robust Installation: A support bracket is included for a more robust installation that supports the unit with the window open or closed. Available for single-hung or double-hung windows with sizes: 22-36 inches, minimal height at 13.75 inches.

2) MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window Air Conditioner

Power SourceCorded Electric
Model NameEasyCool Window Air Conditioner
Warranty TypeLimited
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.98 x 15.35 x 12.05 inches
Voltage110 Volts
Wattage450 watts
Floor Area150 Square Feet
Cooling Power5000 British Thermal Units

About item: 

FAST COOLING: 5,000 BTU window-mounted mini-compact air conditioner is perfect for cooling a room up to 150 square feet. Quickly cools down your home, office, or apartment for maximum comfort.

EFFORTLESS OPERATION: 7 temperature settings, two cooling/2 fan-only speeds, and 2-way air direction give you the perfect amount of cooling every time.

EASY INSTALLATION: Install easily with minimal modification to the existing window frame. Suitable for windows 23”-36” wide and minimum 13” high. All mounting accessories are included.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT: Combined Energy Efficiency Rate (CEER): 11.0. It helps reduce energy costs.

WASHABLE FILTER: The reusable and washable mesh filter reduces room odours for a more comfortable environment.

3) Frigidaire Cool Connect 8k Window Air Conditioner

Power SourceCorded Electric
Model Name10000 BTU Cool Connect Smart
Special FeatureWiFi Enabled, Remote control
Item Dimensions LxWxH19.75 x 19 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight63 Pounds
Control MethodApp
Voltage115 Volts (AC)
Wattage830 watts

About the item: Wi-Fi ready connected room air conditioner with Frigidaire Smart App for mobile operation.

2017 Energy Star: 12.0 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 10,000 BTUs cools up to a 450 square foot room with 3 pints per hour dehumidification. Use your smart device to turn the unit on or off, change temperature, control modes and adapt fan speeds. Schedule room temperature while you are away and cool your room before you return home for instant comfort.

Voltage: 115.0 volts_of_alternating_current

Wattage: 830 watts

Track hours of use during any given period and get notices such as filter cleaning due


10 Reasons Of Why Is Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water has been explained in the article. Hopefully, it will be of help to you. If you face any problems other than the ones mentioned above, you can call a professional technician for help.

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