Haier is a well-known brand. Haier is famous for its air conditioning systems, among other household appliances. Haier is a high-end air conditioning brand. It has millions of customers all over the globe. But you might encounter that your Haier air conditioner reset button keeps tripping.

Air Conditioners are very important in our day to day lives. As the temperature gets higher during summer days, we all seek solace in the air-conditioned rooms of our home. Air Conditioners not only deliver cool air, but they also control the humidity, control the temperature and keep insects away. Using air conditioners comes with a side of advantages and another side of disadvantages. It’s solely up to our perspective to decide if the bad outweighs the or not.

Even though it’s a high-end brand, it does have its flaws. For example, one of the most significant flaws of this brand’s air conditioner is how its reset button keeps tripping. 


Some Things About Haier

Haier is a brand that is famous for its air conditioners. Haier started their company thirty-five years ago then slowly grew into a business that now everyone around the world knows. Haier started its journey in China. Now they have stores and offices all around the globe. Haier mainly puts their focus on four electronic appliances, and they are

  1.  Refrigerators 
  1. Air conditioners
  1. LED TV’s
  1. Washing machines.

For the longest time, Haier only marketed air conditioners, which are famous. Up to 31 models of the room-50ir conditioner in 9 series, which are currently available in the market, are from Haier. All of which are top class. For the first time, the brand Haier launched Inverter Air Conditioners with Wi-Fi technology, giving us easy access to run the Air-Conditioner from anywhere.

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A road named after this company in Camden, South Carolina, and the United States. People in France use Haier products as a new year’s gift. New brands join the Haier family each day. Haier has opened twenty-four industrial parks, sixty-six marketing centers, and 108 manufacturing plants worldwide. 

Why Does Haier Reset Button Keep Tripping and What To Do When Reset Button Keeps Tripping?

One of the common problems while using Haier conditioner is how its reset button keeps tripping. The Haier air conditioner’s reset button keeps tripping because sometimes problems occur with the unit or with the electrical supply. When there are problems with the unit or the electrical supplies the buttons keep tripping. 

The best way to deal with Haier air conditioner’s reset button tripping is by unplugging the unit and popping it back inside. This is the best way to deal with the reset button’s tripping problem.

Reasons Why The Haier Air Conditioner’s Reset Button Keeps Tripping

Even the most luxurious products on the market have their flaws. That is the identical way luxury brand Haier also has its flaws and exceptional qualities.

One of the main flaws of this brand is their reset button tripping. 

Air Conditioners have thermostats. These thermostats control the temperature of the room the air conditioner is in. To change the air conditioner’s settings, there’s always a reset button. 

With Haier, this reset button malfunctions a lot. To put it in simple words, the reset button doesn’t work correctly in this air conditioner brand. The reason behind this will be explained below.

  1. Overheating of the cords of the air conditioner 
  1. Aging of the cords of the air conditioner 
  1. Pinching of the cords of the air conditioner 
  1. Electrical overloading 

There are tons of other possibilities as well. However, the ones given here are the highly likely ones. Problems like these can occur over time, or they can occur anytime. It depends on how you use your product and treat it with love, care, and respect. 

How To Reset Your Haier Air Conditioners In A Jiffy?

There are multiple ways to set Haier air conditioners. However, since you are not a professional taking the most straightforward route would be the best tactic. 

So here are some easy ways to reset your Haier air conditioner in an instant:

  1. Find the “reset” button on the remote of your air conditioner. 
  2. Get a paper clip and unfold it to be used to push the “reset” button. 
  3. Wait as the air conditioner resets itself. The air conditioner will turn off, reset everything back to the original settings, and then turn back on.

By following these steps, you can easily reset your Haier air conditioner. It takes a small amount of time, and you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself. You also don’t have to wait for hours for the mechanic to show up by doing it yourself.


Sometimes your hair air conditioner’s reset button stops working, and if you are having a terrible day, something worse will happen, and you’ll need to reset your Haier air conditioner. Here’s how to reset your hair air conditioner even when your reset button stops working 

  1. Turn your Haier air conditioner off.
  2. Look for a small red button. 
  3. Press that button and hold on to it for 3-5secs.
  4. Stop pressing the button.
  5. Turn your air conditioner back on.

This is how you can easily reset your Haier air conditioner even when your reset button stops working. 

How To Prevent Haier Air Conditioner Circuit Breaker Tripping?

Haier air conditioners circuit breakers are tripping, a widespread problem. The best way to solve it is by preventing it from happening in the first place. By taking a few extra steps, we can easily prevent this. So here are ways to prevent hair air conditioner circuit breaker tripping. 

1) Turn the air conditioner off from the thermostat.

2) look at your electrical panel and turn the AC circuit breaker switch to the ON position.

3) Keep the air conditioner off for 30mins as well as your thermostat. This helps reset the air conditioner’s internal circuit breaker.  

4) after 30mins has passed, set your air conditioner back to cool

By taking these steps, we can easily prevent this problem from arising.

What To Do If Your Haier Air Conditioner Stops Blowing Cool Air?

Like every other electronic appliance, Haier air conditioners also face multiple problems. One of these problems is how sometimes Haier air conditioners stop blowing cool air. Unfortunately, constantly calling the mechanic isn’t much help either as they are costly and busy. So here are a few steps to take if your Haier air conditioner when it stops blowing cool and calming air:

1)check and see if there’s something wrong with your thermostat battery. Thermostat batteries sometimes stop working altogether. 

2) clean and change your air conditioner filter

3) check and see if the outside unit is okay or not

4) make sure there’s nothing wrong with your air conditioner cable.

5) Check and see if your thermostat is connected or not.

Haier’s Help And Services

Haier is a famous and high-end electronics brand. Haier has opened its stores all over the world. Small brands are also collaborating Haier. 

Haier is known for its help and services. They have tons of options you get to pick from. First of all, they have demo videos. By watching these videos, you can learn how to use their products without having any issues. They also show how to fix minor issues you might face while using one of their household appliances 

Secondly, they have a customer care service. This customer care service is beneficial. They provide all the information you might need, and they even appoint mechanics to come to your place and help you out. 

Thirdly they provide description manuals which you can read thoroughly and understand how the device works, what to do, what not to do.

Haier Air Conditioner Installation Services

Haier aims to please its customers in every way possible, which is why they offer free installation if you get their fantastic air conditioners. This is a huge win-win situation as it is costly and full of hassles to get a mechanic to install your air conditioner. So by purchasing an air conditioner from Haier, you don’t have to do anything other than paying the money. The rest will get done by the company themselves. 

When it comes to buying an air conditioner, one of the people’s biggest problems is getting it installed. Unfortunately, not all mechanics are professionals at this. So finding someone who knows how to install an air conditioner is complicated and expensive. This is why HAIER’S installation services are more appreciated. 


Haier treats its customers with love and respect, which is why it has a fantastic warranty policy. They give you the longest warranty time. It lasts about one year for parts and service—five years for non-inverter compressors and ten years for inverter compressors. Judging by how the market is these days, this is an excellent deal. With a deal like this, all your worries will go flying out the window.

They take full responsibility for providing support as long the products have a seal or logo of HAIER’S on them. So it’s we can pretty much say that Haier is a fantastic brand in terms of its services and warranties.


Even though Haier air conditioners have a few problems, like its reset button tripping now and then, it’s still a memorable brand. This is because it’s a top-quality brand that aims to please its customers. One of the essential qualities of this company is how they come up with new household appliances but never give up on quality. 

Another thing that makes them stand out amongst many brands is their care for their customer service. Most brands fall short in their customer care services; however, that’s what makes her exceptional and the best. I hope now you know why haier conditioner reset button keeps tripping.

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