The air conditioner was invented in 1902 by Haviland Carrier. From 1902 to today in 2021, scientists have not stopped working on air conditioners. They work on it.

 They will not stop working on it. Day by day, they invent lots of things about air conditioners, and they find out which is suitable for an air conditioner and which is not.

People have a lot of questions on their minds related to their air conditioner. “Will the air conditioner work without a filter?” is also a common question.

Solid impurities including smoking, pollen, dust, grease, and pollen are removed from the air by using an air conditioning filter in the home or business. These filters are often installed in the air conditioning system’s return air ducts. Here, the contaminated air is sucked in.

will air conditioner work without filter

Will The Air Conditioner Work Without A Filter?

If you are searching for some question like “will the air conditioner work without a filter or not” and need some information about your daily use of the air conditioner, then don’t worry, you are in the right place. And this is your wanted article. 

Your air conditioning system will work without a filter. Still, according to the expert, if you are using your air conditioner without a filter, it can cause severe damage to your air conditioner. You will pay for an expensive damage repair because it can cause severe damage. 

Can You Use Your Air Conditioner Without A Filter For A While?

Yes, you can, but make sure it should for a while. Like 1 or 2 hours, if you use it for more than 5 or 6 hours, then you have to pay a considerable amount of damage repair. 

It will hurt your system. But no one wants the damage of their things. So it will be your wise decision not to use your air conditioner without a filter.

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Why Do You Need A Filter For Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioner filters work basically to save your air conditioner from pollution. A filter keeps dirt and dust from accumulating in your condensate and blocking it. Using an air conditioner without a filter means you invite pollution to your air conditioner. 

On summer days, if dust blocks your cooling unit’s indoor coil, your system will run incorrectly, and you can not enjoy sufficient cooling from the air conditioner. 

Due to the lack of filters, dirt accumulates where the bananas flow and can not cool the house properly.

What Will Happen If You Use A Filter And Don’t Use A Filter In My Air Conditioner?

The filter is the most needed part of an air conditioner. If you use a filter and don’t use a filter, what will happen? Let’s check the below:

If I Use A Filter On My Air ConditionerIf I Do Not Use A Filter On The Air Conditioner
1. If you use a filter, your air conditioner, then your air conditioner will be safe from dust and dirt.1. If your air conditioner does not have a filter, then flying dust and dirt will jam your air conditioner. 
2. Mold and mold spores can’t enter the air conditioner.2. Your air conditioner can not save itself from mold and mold spores.
3. Fibers and lint cannot go under the air conditioner.3. Fiber and lint are very light, so it flies into the air, and when your air conditioner does not have a filter, it will go under the air conditioner and get stuck. It is such big damage to your unit.
4. Hair and animal fur also can not go to the air conditioner because of an air conditioner filter.4.  Hair and animal fur is such an enemy for your air conditioner. And without a filter, it will be in the air conditioner. 
5. Metal and plastic or wood particles also can damage your air conditioner, but if you have a filter in your air conditioner, you are free on it.5. If, unfortunately, metal plastic or wood particles go to the air conditioner, your air conditioner will break inside. And it will only be possible if your air conditioner does not have any filter.
6. An air conditioner filter saves your air conditioner from pollen and other allergens.6. If your air conditioner unit soaks pollen and other allergens, it will become the cause of damage.
7. Bacteria and other microorganisms, air conditioner filters are designed to trap.7. If your air conditioner does not have any filter, then bacteria and other microorganisms will go under the air conditioner.

How To Look At The Filter Of An Air Conditioner?

This is a picture of an air conditioner filter. Various types and sizes of air conditioners can be seen in the market. If your air conditioner does not have the same filter, do not feel the warry. Your air conditioner may be different from the one in picture one.

How To Clean An Air Conditioner Filter?

If you think your air conditioner filter needs to be cleaned and you don’t know how to clean then this is just for you. Follow the steps we recommended.

Step One: make sure your air conditioner is shut off. Whenever you decide you want service, then turn your air conditioner off. This is an electrical machine, so safety first. Because of turning off the power, it will protect you and your air conditioner both.

Step two: remove the filter from your air conditioner. Some air conditioners have multiple air conditioners, so check it. If you feel you face trouble, please go to an expert.

Step Three: vacuum the filter. To reduce the amount of dust accumulation, all you can do is use a hand vacuum to use a microfiber cloth to clean any dust along with the frame. It makes the next step clean and easy to get this upper layer of sediment and some loose.

Step Four:

  1. Wash the filter.
  1. Take your filter and keep it in a deep sink and rinse the filter gently and allow it to dry. If your filter demands a deep clean, then take a flat bin, with 1 part of white vinegar and 1 part warm water for an hour.
  1. Rinse it gently and wipe it with a dry cotton cloth.

Step Five And The Final Step: reinstall the filter. Again, check and recheck the filter. Is it clean correctly or not? Is it dry or wet? And when you feel it is ready to reinstall, take it and put it back in the unit.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter?

If you buy an air conditioner, you must know about your air conditioner. Cleaning air conditioner filters is an essential part of air conditioner care. You need to clean your filter every two weeks. 

If you think you live in a polluted place, you need to clean it in a week. Regularly cleaning your air conditioner filter is the most valuable maintenance for your daily needed air conditioner.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean The Air Conditioner Filter?

If you do not clean your air conditioner, it does not meet your expectation of cooling. For example, suppose you wear a mask daily. Is it worth it if you don’t wash it regularly? It’s no, and it’s not worth it. Same as a filter is a mask for an air conditioner. 

If you do not wash your air conditioner, the filter will jam with dirt like hair, mold, dust, and many minor things. And the air conditioner can not pass the cooling air properly.

So if you do not want to clean your air conditioner, one day your filter will finally jam, and the air conditioner will not work.

Do We Need To Go To An Expert To Change The Air Conditioner Filter?

We do not know much like an expert. So sometimes, it’s tough to open the filter. Like some air conditioners have multiple parts of the filter. And if we are not clear about the air conditioner’s function, then going to the expert is a wise decision for a casual user.

But if you have a pet or are suffering from an allergy problem, you should change your air conditioner filter in 6-12 months.

How Long Does It Take To Change The Filter?

It depends on your use and your care. When we take care of a thing, it takes a long day to break. But we are just using, but we are not taking care of the things that never run long. But still, some of the time, unfortunately, it can damage. 

When you feel you can not experience the cooling like before, go to the expert, and if they advise changing the filter, you have to change.

Some Review Of Air Conditioner Expert Companies Review

The air conditioner is the most expensive thing. So it needs a grant of care. And if the air conditioner faces the problem you should go to the air conditioner expert. Check in the bellow and know about some companies who will help you against the air conditioner problem.

Company Number 1:

Mechanical air heating & ceiling service: they say “save up to $200 on a new system installment.”

They claim why you should choose them, like,

  1. Up-front pricing 
  1. Service all makes & models
  1. Free service call w/ repair.
  1. Free estimate no-nonsense quote
  1. 24/7 emergency service.

Some users reviewed them. “mechanical air did a great job. Everyone showed professionalism, from answering the phones to the technician who repaired my mistake! Thank you all at Mechanical air.”

I also recommend you to take their service, their website is not so good to me, but their service is much better. Their servicing areas are:

  1. Altamonte Spring
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  9. Kissimmee
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  25. Zellwood

You can find them MECHANICAL AIR 1490 SOUTH HIGHWAY 17 92 LONGWOOD FL. 32750


They offer 24/7 emergency service.

Their contact number is 407-567-0620.

Company Number 2:

Advance energy servers : 

They have a premier HVAC service for commercial and residential clients. They said, “our company is dedicated to helping customers find the heating and cooling solutions that help conserve energy while reducing their energy bills. We service all types of equipment for homes and businesses.” they are provided services are 

  1. sales and installation for a major brand of HVAC. 
  1. Maintenance and repair services. 
  1. Inspections and troubleshooting services.  
  1. Pre-season tune-ups and start-ups 
  1. sheet metal fabric services 
  1. ENERGY STAR-rated products. 

This is their free consultation. 

Air commercial heating and cooling services are: 

  1. heat systems install and repair 
  2. heat pumps installation and repair 
  3. air conditioning units instrument repair 
  4. ventilation systems 
  5. water heaters 
  6. Boilers 
  7. refrigeration chillers and ice machines 
  8. geothermal products 

Their contact number is (206) 926-8846 

They are email address is [email protected]

They give services Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

Company Number 3: 

Cool air USA: They give services for ten plus years. Eat open Thursday to Wednesday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

Their services are cooling, installation, AC issues, AC problems. Google’s rating is 4.9 stars.  

They have excellent reviews from customers. 

Customers gave reviews of the experience, good responses, excellent customer attention, and perfect service. And someone said, great company, great stuff. This AC company is the real deal.  

I also experience excellent services. This is good for those who need a service. 

The air conditioner is an electrical thing. That way, she has made our lives easier; at the same time, if we don’t take proper care of it, it will become a harmful quota for us. It does not take a second to go from friend to enemy. For the easy should also show an expert for the regular check-ups. 


This is your wanted article to enjoy your arising question answer. If you want to know about “will air conditioner work without filters, or the importance of filters, or most little but important necessary question then I hope you enjoyed this article. An air conditioner filter is needed for parts of an air conditioner. 

Like a mask. As masks save us from dust and filters save air conditioners from dust. You should make sure your air conditioner is not running without a filter if you don’t want to pay a large amount of money.

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