Do you own a window air conditioner, or are you thinking of buying a window air conditioner? Has this question ever crossed your mind that a window air conditioner can be installed in a wall sleeve? Now read this article, and let’s find a proper answer to your question. 

The window air conditioner, or the room air conditioner, is called the most accessible air cooling system. They usually get installed in the window. People love using window air coolers because of their energy-saving ability. 

Before we discuss anything about the installation of a wall sleeve in a window air conditioner, let’s see some basics first.

can a window air conditioner be installed in a wall sleeve

What Is A Window Air Conditioner?

A window air conditioner, also called a room air cooler, is the most familiar and easy-to-fit type of air cooler you can ever get. People love this air cooler because of its energy-saving ability. This type of air cooler comes with one module with all the other features carried in one box. 

They usually get fitted in a window and sealed in a regular wall plug. It is suitable because it can be moved very quickly and run on its own from a home HVAC set-up. 

How Does A Window Air Conditioner Work?

It works the same as any other air cooler component by removing extra moisture from the air and helping to cool down the heat from the air. Primary modules such as a regulator, a blower, a cooling system, a condenser, an indoor coil, and a condenser coil can also be found in a window air cooler. 

Now let’s find out how a window air cooler works– 

When the heat increases in a room, it activates the regulator in the air cooler system, which powers up the blower. Rooms warm air draws into the component, and then it goes towards the cooling system. 

The air then cools down as it moves on top of the cold coils and then discharges it into the room to cool down the heat and make the area comfortable. 

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Can A Window Air Conditioner be installed in a wall sleeve?

But window air conditioners can not be installed in a wall sleeve because wall sleeves hamper air coolers to discharge their components properly. Let’s learn how you can install a window air conditioner in a wall sleeve.

How to install a window air conditioner in a wall?

Let’s learn how to put a window air cooler in a wall step by step – 

Preparation :

  1. Find another person to help you with this work. This work is heavy, so you might need a hand to help you with this; besides, there is a risk of the air cooler slipping down from your hand. So it is a better solution to find help. 
  2. To know which air cooler is suitable for your room, you need to know you need to evaluate it in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Because if the air cooler component comes in big size, then it grapples with removing the humidity; on the other hand, smaller components grapple with cooling down the room properly. So it is better to buy a window AC according to the size of your room. 
  3. Check your window before buying this AC because not all windows are fit for installation for these kinds of AC. 
  4. Buy a window AC with a higher EER if you want to save energy. 
  5. Do attach your AC in an east or north-facing window because direct sunlight hampers it to work correctly. 
  6. Make sure there is no gap left. If your AC doesn’t come with insulation foam, buy one. 
  7. Do clean your AC area before fitting it. 
  8. Remove if there is anything around your window. 
  9. You should definitely use a different circuit for your window AC component. 

Installation : 

  1. Read the guidebook first. And read it carefully. 
  2. First evaluate the proportions, then give a mark in the center. It will help the component to fit not unevenly. 
  3. Fit the slide element to your window AC very carefully and ensure there is no gap left. 
  4. Now, put your air cooler in your marked place with your helping partner. Make sure the base of your window frame sits appropriately on the AC. 
  5. Lock them by using some screws on the window frame to ignore accidents. Put L-brackets outdoors to keep the AC intact.
  6. You have to increase the slide panel that you’ve put with the AC to the window frame lane. Then, you can stable it with some screws. 
  7. Now, fill up all the blank places with insulation foam. From upper to lower window frames, fill them all up. 

Can You Use An Ac Unit Without Putting It In The Window? 

Not all places were made for central air conditioning, especially in old buildings before the invention of central AC’s. In that case, a window AC is the best option for facing the warm temperature. 

However, it would be best if you had a window to fit a window air cooler. Without a window, a window air cooler can not be fitted. A window AC module removes air humidity, pushes out the room’s warm air, and releases cool air. If you put a window AC anywhere apart from a window, it will struggle to do its work correctly, and as a result, you will find out even though it is going to blow air, but the room’s heat won’t get cooler.

So yeah, you can not put a window AC component other than a window. 

Do You Need A Sleeve For The Window Air Conditioner?

A window sleeve is a metal object which basically helps to hold on an air conditioner that is fitted into the wall. But as you know, window air coolers are made to fit into the window, so you don’t need any extra window sleeves to hold your air cooler. 

What Happens If You Put A Window Ac In A Wall Sleeve? 

If you don’t want to damage your window air cooler, don’t put your window AC in a wall sleeve. Window AC’s are not made for using wall sleeves. 

If you do so, it will clash with the discharge of the components from the air cooler. In addition, it will shorten its performance quality, increase energy regulation, and hamper the product’s durability. 

So don’t make your curiosity fool you and cost you money. 

Are Window Air Conditioners Expensive?

No. Window air coolers are not expensive. It comes with a lower price than central AC’s which can cost around $300-$1500. So it’s pretty cheap, and the price depends on which one you buy. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Window Air Conditioner?

If you want to install a window air cooler but can not do it by yourself, you need to call a professional to do this work for you. It starts from $291. 

Sometimes you can also find them between $139 to $492. Labour charge might cost you some extra money which will be from $60 to $200. 

Does A Window Ac Use A Lot Of Electricity?

You can run your window AC without any second thought of a high electricity bill. You may ask why? Usually, a window air cooler goes for not more than $0.07 to $0.20 per hour. It is so much less than using a central AC. Only below ⅓ of energy is being used for a window AC. Monthly you need to give only $30 to $80 if you use more or less, which entirely depends on you. 

How Long Does The Window Air Conditioner Last?

Every object comes with an expiry date. The same goes for air coolers. A window air cooler can last about ten years. After ten years you can replace it with a new one. But its durability still depends on you. How much you took care of it, how much you have used it. After evaluating it all, then you can say when the lifespan of your window AC comes to an end. But it is recommended to change it no matter what after using it for ten years. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Window Air Conditioner?

Here are some advantages of using a window air cooler. They are-

  1. You can fit it very easily 
  2. It comes at a lower price
  3. Very easy to relocate 
  4. Very easy to maintain
  5. Saves energy 
  6. Don’t take much area
  7. It can be utilized in many areas. Etc. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Window Air Conditioner?

Here are some disadvantages of using a window air conditioner. They are- 

  1. It can be very noisy. 
  2. It can make your home look bad or odd. 
  3. As it is fitted in a window, you might lose a window for this. 
  4. It cannot cool down a larger area. 
  5. Very difficult to decide the measurement of the window and AC. Because it won’t fit properly even if it is slightly uneven. 
  6. Wastewater is another problem. It is very difficult to detect where this wastewater goes. Etc. 


Air Conditioners are a very delicate thing. One mistake can damage it, and one wrong move can cost you extra money. But, on the other hand, one negligence can shorten its lifespan. 

So now that you know that you can not install a window air conditioner in the wall sleeve, I hope from now on you will think twice about making this mistake.

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