Did you ever try using an air conditioner sound blanket? Do air conditioner sound blankets work? Is it really effective? Or is it just a hoax? 

Sometimes using an air cooler can put us in hot water. This means air coolers can cause us some trouble. Have you ever heard some noises coming out of your air cooler or your neighbor’s air cooler? Doesn’t it bother you or your neighbors? 

How many times did you get a complaint about this, or did you go to your neighbor for this exact reason? But you know, I have good news for you. This irritating situation can be solved. 

Today we will dig out the solution for this irritating problem. I hope this article will be your knight rider and will save you from this unwanted problem. So without any further delay, let’s start our conversation. 

Do Air Conditioner Sound Blanket Really Work

But Do An Air Conditioner Sound Blanket Really Work Though?

Sometimes even the best machines create some unwanted problems. But isn’t it normal because at the end of the day, isn’t it just a machine? Right? The same goes for the air cooler. Again, this might be the best human-made creation. But still, it can create trouble.

 For example, noises. Isn’t it bothersome to hear noises all the time whenever you start your air cooler? It surely might be. But I have a solid solution for you: an air conditioner sound blanket.  

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Air Conditioner sound blankets do work; the compressor of the air conditioner is insulated by it and helps maintain a stable temperature, contributing to helping the compressor’s bearing’s lifespan to prolong. Also, these sound blankets have the capability to decrease the sound of the air conditioner from up to 30 to 50 percent.

What Is A Noise Blanket For An Ac?

Noise blankets are a function of an air conditioner that absorbs sounds and diminishes the noise produced within the air conditioner. They are also called “soundproof blankets” or “sound barrier curtains.” They are suspend-able from portable frames, floor-mounted frames, or can be adjusted to the ceiling, creating a division among the machine noise and the people.

How Does An Ac Sound Blanket Work?

Just imagine, you came home from working the whole day at your office. You are tired and also sweating. So after coming home, the first thing you do is, switch on your air cooler. But it is making noises. How would you feel? 

Or, you are at your home doing your household chores. You heard these same noises coming from your neighbor’s air cooler. What would you do? 

This is why you need an air conditioner

sound blanket. The air conditioner sound blanket works by absorbing the noise originating from the compressor. An essential part of the sound blanket is its acoustic glass isolation, which takes in the sound waves. It also contains a heavy rubber barrier that helps restrict the noise and reduce it. 

Are Compressor Sound Blankets Safe? 

If you want to use a compressor sound blanket but don’t know if it is safe for you or not, then don’t worry. I have got your back.

You can use a compressor sound blanket. Compressor sound blankets are safe to use in an air conditioner. The AC unit consists of a motor, and it has an internal cooling system with refrigerant. As a result, there is not much of a scope for danger to take place. 

How Do You Install An Ac Compressor Sound Blanket?

Here are the steps that state how you can install an air conditioner compressor sound blanket. 

  1. Firstly, the compressor blanket needs to be removed from the package as safely as possible, ensuring no damage is done, thereby putting unnecessary force.
  2. Next, the sound blanket is needed to be wrapped around the air conditioner in a clockwise direction, beginning from the left side.
  3. After wrapping, the blanket’s slots need to be lined up, connecting with the compressor’s suction line. With the help of Velcro tape, the cover is to be secured to fill out any gap that might remain.
  4. The terminal box is also needed to be covered so that the compressor’s functionality doesn’t get hampered in any way.
  5. In short, basically, that’s how the AC compressor sound blanket is to be installed. 

Are Sound Blankets Bad For Ac?

Sound blankets are not at all bad for AC. They do not affect the compressor’s lifespan or performance, do not create any chance for danger, and do not cause disruption in the airflow from the AC or to the AC. Instead, they help reduce the sound. So, sound blankets aren’t bad for AC. 

Benefits Of Using A Sound Blanket In An Air Conditioner?

If you want to use a sound blanket in your air cooling system, there are some benefits. They are- 

The main benefit of using a sound blanket is that it helps reduce the air cooler’s compressor’s unnecessary sound, preventing any unwanted hearings or sound pollution. Also, it helps the airflow so that it doesn’t get damaged. Finally, it also helps the inside temperature to stay intact. 

Cost Of An Air Conditioner Sound Blanket

Air conditioner sound blanket price varies from brand to brand, but the price is around 80$ or more on average. And if you are somehow unable to insert it by yourself, then you have to pay some extra labor charges.

Are Sound Blankets And Moving Blankets The Same?

No, moving blankets and sound blankets are not the same. While the sound blanket’s function is to absorb sound, the higher the NRC rating, the more chance to absorb sound; moving blankets do not precisely fit in the same pattern. Instead, moving blankets are a simple, cheap, fast method for soundproofing a room. 

How Are Air Conditioning Sound Blankets Used?

There are two primary choices that you can use depending on the sizes and numbers of your air cooler component. They are- 

  1. Acoustic enclosure: This one is the fastest and simplest way. You can buy an echo barrier enclosure and put it around your outdoor AC component. This job is so easy that you yourself can do this all alone. And you won’t need any extra hands. 
  2. Acoustic barriers: This will be the best option if you want to stop noises from a specific place. For this, you have to install a fence for a short period. But make sure it is put some feet away so that your AC component can work freely. By installing an acoustic barrier, you can reduce unwanted noises. 

Are Sound Blankets Effective? 

If you are unsure about using a sound blanket and its effectiveness, then you can do a straightforward thing. Which is, compare. Compare your air cooling system with a sound blanket and without a sound blanket. Your confusion will be cleared in no time. 

Sound blankets are adequate as they are very much successful in contributing to reducing unnecessary and unwanted sounds which are being produced from the air coolers.

What Are The Best Sound-Absorbing Techniques?

You want to soundproof yours but don’t know how and which will be the best for your AC, then I have got your back. It mainly depends on the materials that you will use. The quality of the materials mainly helps to absorb unwanted sounds. There are some best sound-absorbing materials in the market. Very cheap and easy to find.

Here are some sound-absorbing techniques that you can try. They are- 

  1. Fencing. You can install a fence where your air cooler’s outdoor unit is located. If you use this fencing technique, this fence will create blockage for the noises created by your air cooling system. 
  2. Acoustic foam. You can insert acoustic foam all around your fence. This will create a strong barrier and also be the reason for sound reduction. 
  3. You can insert sound insulation. They are created from mineral wool, rock wool, fiberglass, etc. These materials are the best for absorbing noises. 
  4. Acoustic fabric. Or moving blankets. You can use them to reduce unwanted noises from your AC but make sure you don’t use them for too long. This might heat up your air cooler’s outdoor unit if you put them on for too long.
  5. You can also use acoustic panels. 
  6. You can use mass-loaded vinyl. 
  7. You can build a soundproof box for your outdoor AC unit. 
  8. You can use acoustic caulks. Etc.


Every problem has its own solution. The same goes for machines. Of course, every machine is human-made, and it is normal for machines to show some problems sometimes. But humans were also able to make solutions for these problems. 

So if your air cooler is making noises and if you are still wondering about it, do air conditioner sound blankets work? Then I hope by now you have got your answer. 

However, I hope this article has solved your doubt. I hope now you won’t hesitate to buy a sound blanket for your air cooler.

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