Do you know the right way to operate your window air conditioner? Should The Exhaust On A Window Air Conditioner Be Open Or Closed?

Well, if you don’t know, don’t worry – most people don’t!

But once you know the right way to do it, your window AC unit can work more efficiently and save you money on your cooling bill. So keep reading to find out how to properly use your window AC unit!

should the exhaust on a window air conditioner be open or closed

Should The Exhaust On A Window Air Conditioner Be Open Or Closed?

In general, the exhaust of an air conditioner should be open. If it is closed, the insides will get dirty and clogged.

In addition, if the exhaust is closed, the unit will not work as well.

In some cases, it may be okay to leave the exhaust closed. If you are not around or do not plan on using the air conditioner for a long time, then it might be okay to close off the exhaust.

However, these situations should certainly be an exception to the norm and one should always remember that leaving the exhaust open is better than closing it off. It can also create problems especially if there are children or pets in the area. The need for good ventilation cannot be overstated when it comes to air conditioning units so always remember this before deciding whether or not to close off your unit’s exhaust. Otherwise, you could damage the unit or worse.

What Type Of Air Conditioner Is The Window Ac?

A window air conditioner also called a room air cooler, is the most familiar and easy to fit type of air cooler you can ever get. People love this air cooler because of its energy-saving ability. This type of air cooler comes with one module with all the other features carried in one box.  

They usually get fitted in a window and sealed in a regular wall plug. It is suitable because it can be moved very easily and run on its own from a home HVAC set-up. 

How Does It Work?

It works the same as any other air cooler component by removing extra moisture from the air and helping to cool down the heat from the air. Primary modules such as a regulator, a blower, a cooling system, a condenser, an indoor coil, and a condenser coil can also be found in a window air cooler. Now let’s find out how a window air cooler works- 

When the heat increases in a room, it activates the regulator in the air cooler system, which powers up the blower. Rooms warm air draws into the component, and then it goes towards the cooling system. The air then gets cool down as it moves 

on top of the cold coils and then discharges into the room to cool down the heat and make the area comfortable.

Benefits Of Having A Window Air Conditioner

Here are some benefits of using a window air cooler. They are-

  1. You can fit it very easily 
  2. It comes at a lower price
  3. Very easy to relocate 
  4. Very easy to maintain
  5. Saves energy 
  6. Don’t take much area
  7. It can be utilised in many areas. Etc. 

Do Window Air Conditioner Units Have Exhaust?

Have you ever seen warm air coming out of your outside AC component? Do you know why it is coming or from where it is coming? 

We all know now how window air coolers work. Its features cool down the air by circulating them but release a lot of warm air. And that is where the exhaust fan works in a window air cooler. The exhaust in the window air cooler helps to release that warm air. It occurs because the component’s condenser soaks up the warmth which was created in the procedure, and it needs to get out. That’s when the exhaust fan moves that warm air outside of our home. 

So yes, window air coolers components do have the exhaust fan. 

Do All Air Conditioners Have Exhaust? 

An air cooler’s basic job is to cool down the room’s heat. It captures all the warm air from the room and then spreads cold air from the indoor air component. But it creates a lot of heat in this procedure which needs to be released. That’s when exhaust fans work. It helps to move that warm air somewhere outside.  

However, if you don’t vent that warm air outside, then your whole room will get warm even though your air cooler is blowing air. So that’s why all air coolers have exhaust except those which come ventless. 

What Is The Work Of The Exhaust Of Ac? 

Every feature of a machine works very differently from one another. Each plays an important role. If one feature stops working well, the whole machine becomes useless. 

Just like the work of the exhaust of the air cooler, its main job is to help move out the warm air from the room. If it fails to do so, even though your air cooler blows air continuously, it won’t help to cool down the room because those warm things will be all over in your room which will raise the heat. 

So this is the work of the exhaust of an air cooler, which is just simply removing the warm air from the room. 

Why Does Ac Need An Exhaust?

If your air conditioner is not a ventless air conditioner, then your air cooler does need an exhaust. 

Ventless air coolers don’t need a door or window to vent down the warm air. This type of air cooler, also called evaporative air coolers, doesn’t work as all those normal air coolers do to create cool air by using refrigerant or condenser systems. 

Nonetheless, if your air cooler is a window or portable one, then you must need an exhaust hose to vent away all the warm air; otherwise, this warm air will get stuck up in your room which will not let lower down the heat. That’s why your air cooler needs an exhaust. 

How Can You Utilise The Exhaust Air?

Do you know you can actually reuse the exhaust air? If you don’t know, then it’s okay because now you will know. 

Heat pumps work exactly in a different way than aircon. Exhaust air coming out of the aircon is warm, but exhaust air coming out of the heat pump is cool and chilly. People often attach a duct in an outside component of the heat pump so that they can use this cool air by shifting it to places that they want to be cooled down.

Is Ac Exhaust Harmful?

Exhaust air is neither injurious nor dangerous. Some people have this misconception that exhaust creates some sort of gasses that are toxic for us. But it is not true. Exhaust does not create or form any kind of harmful liquids or gasses. It is just normal warm air which is just supposed to be moved out from the house so that your aircon can cool down the air properly.  

Can Ac Exhaust Start A Fire?

Accidents caused by aircon are very common nowadays. It rarely happens, but there are many reasons why it might happen. But the two main reasons why aircon bursts are- 

  1. If your aircon encounters any electrical problem. 
  2. If your aircon is overheated. 

Especially in old aircons, it will create some electrical problems. And from that, just a little spark is enough to create a fire and ruin everything. The second reason is overheating. Sometimes your exhaust gets overheated by not passing the air properly. Your aircon works hard to pass that warm air which makes the exhaust overheat. Sometimes clogs are also a reason for aircon getting overheated etc. These are common reasons why your aircon start a fire. 


A few changes can make a big impact. That’s why everyone should know what is good and what is bad, which things are profitable, which will cause problems for their machines. 

Just like an exhaust hose for an aircon. If you keep it close, it will save energy, and if you keep it open, warm air will come inside of your room which will increase your air temperature more. So for your question- should the exhaust on an air conditioner be open or closed? I hope you got your answer by now. 

I am totally positive that this article has helped you. I know now you are confident about when to open or when to close down your window air conditioner’s exhaust. So from now on, use your aircon properly and about your exhaust, use it smartly for the best result.


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