Many people also have this problem. They’re looking for a trustable solution to what they should do in this situation. It’s a small thing. Maybe many of you will also know about this but for those who don’t know about this I’m telling this for them. So, how can using your air conditioner help defog windows?

During winter, especially in the winter mornings, we have to face Fogg problems with the windows of our cars. Nothing can be seen outside. Let’s talk about a little technique in which you do not need to panic in this situation. Sometimes we learn suddenly. 

All of us obviously know fog and the process it takes is called condensation. What is the reason for this to happen, let me first tell you the reason. The reason would be that when the outside temperature is very cold and the car’s underside is hot because of the body temperature. Due to temperature variation fog gets formed in the mirrors and windshield of the car. 

So in this condition, we panic and suddenly turn our hands to the mirror. Don’t do that, if you do that after a while the spot will come here. And even when your mirror is clean, those spots will irritate you while driving at night. What you have to do, I’ll show you the way. 

There are simple ways. I’ll tell you 2 ways. You must have seen many articles on several places about it, in which it explains many types of kite methods. You don’t need to do anything special about this. Your car is so well designed by the company that you can fix this problem from inside the car. Can be done for long routes, can be also done for short routes. I will teach you how to fix this problem instantly. 

How Can Using Your Air Conditioner Help Defog Windows

How Can Using Your Air Conditioner Help Defog Windows?

To defog car windows as quickly as possible start the engine, turn the vent knob to the windshield icon. If the recirculate indicator is on, it will automatically turn off. Turn the fan speed control to 4 for maximum airflow. If not already on, press the button in the centre to turn on the rear defogger. 

Turn the temperature knob to the end of the red zone for maximum heat. If the indicator is not already lit, press the AC button to turn it on and help pull moisture out of the air.

So, What Can You Do To Defog Windows?

First of all, if you do it instantly, how will you do it? Your car should start, you have to come to your climate control panel. Firstly, you have to move the vent which goes to the mirror from the front. After that, you don’t have to do anything in the climate control panel. Just turn on the AC, and move the dialer to level 2,3 as you like the speed. 

Magically! You’ll notice that the glass of the car is being clear. It is almost becoming visible. After some moments you’ll discover that the glasses are clean. In some places, you could see some spots a little bit. If you put your hands into the glasses, then there will be such spots. 

And now, I’ll give you a simple way, if you’re driving a long route then you have to do it only. Either that system can do otherwise, set the blower vent of the climate control panel to normalise the temperature, meaning you will bring it to the centre and open it. And the car you keep driving. Even then the fog will be cleared. You’ll notice that it is getting completely clear from each corner of the glasses. 

Actually what will happen with this is the outside air will be thrown from the car by the blower from inside through heater and cooling. Because it will be clean, you need to turn on the AC. And your car will be fully defrosted. As soon as the car starts, after some time you have to put everything on normal mode and do nothing in the climate control panel. If it’s steel needed, just turn on the car’s blower. With which, fog will disappear instantly. 

Some Reasons For Being Windows Foggy

One of the suckiest things about driving your car in the winter is when you are already late for work and then you get in your car and the windows are too foggy. Nothing can be seen outside. Some cars have a single button, to defrost all the windows. But a lot of cars have controls that look like a puzzle. 

Since you’re in a hurry the question becomes what optimal combination of settings will defog the windows quickest? Or when you have an AC car, you may think how can the air conditioner help defog windows? 

Lots of people blast the windshield with hot air. What if you use cold air? And should you be using recirculated air or air from outside? Does pushing the AC or cracking the windows help speed things up, and if so, by how much? Recently, I had a disagreement with some friends about which combination is best from a scientific standpoint and you look online there are a bunch of different theories from self-proclaimed experts. 

So, as a firm believer in the scientific method, someone should have decided to test out some hypothesis. Imagine, for the past 10 mornings with the help of some trusted friends you will have created a consistent environment to test all the different combinations and the document and then rank the results. 

The punchline is, you’ll find there is a specific combination of settings that will defog your windows in less than half the time. Some people stumbled upon some additional tricks that can make a big difference. But before I reveal the best settings, let’s get some understanding as to why they are the best settings. By quickly reviewing the science behind what makes a window fog up in the first place. 

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For starters, I think it’s common knowledge that if you zoomed away in the fog on your windshield, it is just a little droplet of water we call condensation. And it’s the exact effect you see on a cold can or in a shower mirror, due in the morning, your breath on a cold day, and even the clouds in the sky. 

All air around us has at least some moisture in it that we can’t see called water vapour. The higher the humidity,  the more of this invisible water vapour that you’ve got and as soon as you get anything beyond 100 percent humidity, it’s too much. And that’s when it clumps together and forms these visible droplets that we call condensation. 

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Now what’s interesting is in a simple sense hot air can hold a lot more moisture than cold air. In fact, at sea level, if a cube had aired at 103 degrees Fahrenheit that was fully saturated at 100 percent humidity. It would max out 53 millimetres of water but if that same cube contained cold air 36 degrees Fahrenheit it could hold a maximum of 5 millimetres which is 10 times less. 

Again this is a simplification but I find it’s useful to visualise the air as a towel that can soak up moisture. How much you can soak up is determined by two things. 

The size of the towel and how wet it is already. When you start to try and wipe things up, the size of the towel represents the temperature of the air because like we said, warm air can hold more water and the initial wetness of the towel represents the initial humidity of the air. So low humidity is like a fairly dry towel that still has a lot of capacity to absorb. 

Using this, you can now visualise what’s happening every time. 


Now when you will test these techniques you will see that the entire mirror has been cleaned, it will be very clear from the side too. So this was a very simple way when you are thinking about how can using your air conditioner help defog windows? 

Apart from these, you do not need to do anything special as it looks like with other articles you have experienced before like putting toothpaste on the mirror, rubbing the onion, etc. You really don’t need to do anything like this. Doing this can damage the mirror of your car. Because a spot will come in it from inside, or anything can happen. 

The car design itself has been done by the company in such a way that if there is any such problem, you can fix it from the inside. It happens many times that people panic and do not understand what to do. And at that time, people put their hands in the mirror. So don’t touch the mirror. 

I have told you simple ways for a long route and if you want to do it instantly. Just apply them once!

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