Do you know everything about your air cooler? Then can you tell me that- can a low battery in thermostat affect air conditioning? You know what? It is not even a big deal, even if you don’t know this answer, because I have come to your rescue. 

Won’t you gonna wish for something which helps this uncalled temperature to go away? This is how our life would be without an aircon now. But every machine comes with a problem. And it is very normal for its parts to not work properly sometimes because you know at the end of the day it is just a machine. 

However, I hope today this article will let you know all the questions that you have about the thermostat. So without any further delays, let’s get started. 

can a low battery in thermostat affect air conditioning

can a low battery in thermostat affect air conditioning?

The low battery could prevent the thermostat from communicating with the central unit, which would cause both systems to not be able to function properly.

The low battery could prevent the thermostat from displaying the right information. If this happens, try having someone at your home press the thermostat reset button (for Honeywell Lyric or Honeywell L7000 series this would be the black button on the bottom of the unit). If that does not work, you may need to replace the batteries in your thermostat.

What Is A Thermostat?

A thermostat is a part of your air cooling system, but it is often said that a thermostat is a difficult unit of your air cooling system. You may ask why? 

The reason it is called a difficult unit is that it is the commander of what your room’s temperature will be. This means it basically decides when to cool down or when to heat up your room. It is situated behind the control panel of your air cooler. Thermostats detect the heat flow and help to pull it out from your set-up.  

How Does It Work?

It is not so unknown that every aircon comes with a thermostat. But do you know how this system works? Let’s know this today. 

You can control how long you want your aircon to turn on and what amount of temperature you will need by just deciding your temperature. And thermostats will help you to do so. For example, let’s just say you want your room’s temperature below 70 degrees. 

But after a while, your thermostat noticed that your room’s temperature was getting higher. Then your thermostat turns on your AC and helps to lower down your room’s heat. 

After a while, when your thermostat notices that your room’s temperature is now at your desired temperature, it turns off your AC automatically. Modern thermostats can count on how many times your AC needs to turn on and off to keep the room’s temperature comfortable. 

So, this is how your aircon’s thermostat usually works.  

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad AC Thermostat?

Every machine shows some symptoms first before getting worse. It can help us to detect the problem before it gets out of our hands. 

Here are some symptoms of a bad AC thermostat- 

  1. Your thermostat doesn’t start. 
  2. You won’t be able to start your aircon’s heater. 
  3. Your aircon will be unstoppable. You will find out it is always on a switch on mode. 
  4. The same goes for your room’s heater. 
  5. You will find your thermostat is unmatchable with your room’s temperature. This means you will have a higher or lower temperature, but your thermostat is showing another number. Etc. 

How Do You Test A Thermostat?

You need to follow some steps if you want to test your thermostat. They are-

  1. First, you have to turn the switch off your HVAC component for your safety issues. 
  2. Now detach the cover of your thermostat by using a flathead screwdriver. But here is a catch, it depends on the model of your thermostat if you need to detach the entire thermostat or just a part to see the wires properly. 
  3. Now you can detach those wires from their place but make sure about the labels. Otherwise, you might put them in different connections if you don’t be careful about these labels. Detach the wires and make sure it doesn’t go back into the hole. You can prevent it by wrapping it with a pencil or a pen. There are usually two main wires of your thermostat, which are Red and White, but if you find out there is more than these two’s, still select these two wires. They are the wires which state power and heat. Crumple the ends of these two wires together but make sure no other wires are touching them. 
  4. Now you can switch on your HVAC system. 
  5. If you see your thermostat is blank but your system is working, it means that you didn’t connect it properly. 
  6. Again switch off your HVAC component.
  7. Now check with other wires. First, you have tried with red and white. Now try red and yellow. If it still doesn’t work now, attach red and green wires. 
  8. After trying with all the wires, if you still find your thermostat is still not working, it means your thermostat is faulty and its durability time is finished. Now it is time to bring a new thermostat.    

Can A Thermostat Stop The AC From Working?

Your home’s air cooling system and a thermostat are totally different sectors. But still, a bad thermostat can affect your AC working properly. 

As we all know now, that’s how a thermostat works. It detects the temperature of your room then switches on your room’s air cooling system automatically so that your aircon can cool down your overly heated room.

 If your thermostat stops working properly, you will find your AC is not cooling down the temperature properly. Or you will see your AC is not turning on or off. The same goes for the heating system. 

So you can say a bad thermostat can stop the aircon of your home from working properly. 

Can You Run Your Ac Without A Thermostat?

Almost all air coolers come with a thermostat. But it is plausible for your air cooler to work with a thermostat. But guess what? You can only do this for a minimum of time. 

You need to fix your thermostat as soon as possible, even though your AC can work without it. Your thermostat’s basic job is to switch your AC on and off when it detects your temperature is rising up. 

So when your thermostat goes bad, this work goes to your aircon’s compressor. And compressors can not take this pressure for a long time. It also damages the motor system. 

So you should fix your thermostat as soon as possible when it stops working properly. 

What Happens If Your Thermostat Battery Dies?

When your thermostat battery dies, you will find your thermostat’s screen is blank. It will stop running properly, which later will affect the heating and cooling procedures. 

It can also damage your aircon’s compressor and motor as it can not take the pressure of when to start or when to stop your AC if your temperature rises. 

So this might happen if your thermostat battery dies.

How Often Should You Change The Batteries In Your Thermostat?

It is recommended that you should change the batteries in your thermostat at least once a year so that your thermostat works properly. So if you can do this thing timely and maintain it properly, then you won’t face any trouble caused by a bad thermostat. 

How Much Does The Average Thermostat Cost? 

If you want to replace your thermostat with a new one and are thinking about what the cost will be, then here is your answer. On average, a thermostat can cost $140 to $350, including a labour charge. 

But the cost still depends on what type of thermostat you may need, and it is brand or model, what kind of features it comes with etc. In this case, it can cost $15 to $250, and this is without a labour charge. 

How Can You Reset Your Thermostat After Changing The Battery?

There are some steps you need to follow before resting your thermostat after changing the battery. They are- 

  1. Safety first. Make sure to switch off your thermostat at first. 
  2. Now you can open the cover of your thermostat’s battery section. 
  3. Take off those old batteries. 
  4. Now put them back, but this time in an upside-down way. 
  5. Now let’s wait for at least five seconds. 
  6. Now take them off again and arrange them in the right way. 
  7. Now you may find your screen working again. You will see the light on your screen, which means it’s working.

Can You Replace Yours With Any Thermostat?

If you are thinking you want to buy a new thermostat but wondering about finding a new replacement, then I have a solution for you. 

First, find a proper thermostat that will match your system. See the older one if you are confused about the model or brand or its features. All of these things must be written somewhere. 

But this time, if you want to buy a better one, then select the one which will be the perfect match for your aircon’s system. 

Here’s the good news, if you are still confused about your new replacement, then let me tell you one thing, most of them work alike if you are confused about the features.But there is also a problem if you have a special aircon, then finding a good thermostat might be a little troublesome.


On the one hand, air coolers are the best ever human creation. On the other hand, maintaining this machine might need some extra cash and lots of difficulties. Either way, it is a win-win situation. Because the way air coolers are making our life so comfortable, it is quite so admirable.

Can a low battery in the thermostat affect air conditioning? A bad thermostat is another common problem with your air cooling system. But I hope by now you know this is not a very big problem as you might think it is. 

Your question was- can a low battery in the thermostat affect air conditioning. I hope this article helped you to get you a proper answer.

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