When it comes to air conditioners, most people only think about the cooling power. However, there’s a lot more that goes into making an air conditioner work than just the cold air. One of the essential parts of an air conditioner is the fan.

Chances are, if you’re an air conditioner user, you’ve heard the term “X Fan” thrown around a lot. But What Is X Fan In Air Conditioner?

In this blog post, we’ll break down what the X fan does in an air conditioner and why it’s important. Stay cool!

what is x fan in air conditioner

What Is X Fan In Air Conditioner

X fan is one kind of protection process that protects your air conditioner from the water it collects. 

When an AC is turned on, it collects water vapors from the environment and replaces them with cold air. These water vapors are generally bound to collect on a tray and be removed via the drainpipe.

However, as it is a normal process to remove water via a pipe, the pipe remains wet and even might collect some water that is not removed. This water can cause damage or harm your air conditioner.

After turning off the air conditioner, there will often be a small amount of water that remains in your AC coil. But if you turn on the fan mode, this water will dry out of the coils within a short amount of time. Once this process is done, the fan will turn off automatically.

This process is necessary to keep your air conditioner coil from any potential harm like water damage or collection of organic substances.

What Is The Fan Mode On Air Conditioner

The fan mode on an air conditioner is different from the X fan mode. This fan mode is more like a typical fan. It works like a typical fan too. 

When you turn on the fan mode of your air conditioner, it will start the internal fan of the AC. The internal fan circulates the air of the room again and again, like a normal fan. It neither has any type of cooling system. So, you can say that it’s just a normal fan within the Ac.

You can use this fan mode on your AC for many reasons. However, the most accepted and common reason for using fan mode in the AC is saving energy in the absence of compressor function.

Is It Safe To Use Fan Mode In AC?

In short, yes. The fan mode in an AC is safe, and it even has many benefits, to be frank. X fan is also safe to use. Rather, it is a necessary part of your AC.

Most of the air conditioners nowadays have a fan installed on them by default. The manufacturers add it to make the ac more useful and beneficial to the consumers.

A normal AC fan will reduce the workload of your Ac unit and make your Ac machine more efficient. It will give your Ac unit a break and, at times, give you a minimum of cool air to sustain the temperature of your room.

The use of an AC fan also reduces your power consumption. When the fan mode is on, the compressor is turned off, so it works more like a normal fan, which reduces the AC’s electricity usage and ultimately saves your money.

Does Ac Fans Use A lot Of Electricity?

A normal Ac fan motor can use 500 watts when it is running. The fan can use 360 kWh per month when it’s running, which costs around $43 per month and around $520 per year. 

Suppose the fan is on continuously according to the average KWh rate of the US, which is $0.12 per kWh. This is way less than an air conditioner uses.

On the other hand, an X fan uses less Electricity than them.

Does Fan Mode hampers the Ac Cooling

The answer is negative. A fan cannot lower your room temperature. It just made you feel cooler and carried out the heat from your body by moving air through the skin. 

The Ac is giving its normal efficiency whether the fan is on or off. You can use the AC to lower the temperature and then use the fan to circulate the cool air again and again for some time.

In the case of X fan, it just dries out the water remaining inside of your AC. It doesn’t affect anything outside of AC at all.

What are some tips for keeping your fan in good condition for as long as possible?

If you’re tired of constantly buying new fans because your old one is broken, consider these tips for keeping it in good condition.

1: Inspect It Often

Check the connection between the fan and the stand to make sure it isn’t loose or getting worn down. You can tighten any screws that might be loose, or you might need to simply buy a new stand.

Next, inspect the cord on the fan for any cracks or fraying of the material. If you see any of these signs, immediately discard your fan because it can be dangerous if not properly cared for.

2: Use It Sparingly

Many people leave their fans running for hours even when they aren’t at home which can cause a rapid decrease in quality.

Instead, try to use your fan only when you’re going to be at home for more than a couple of hours. This will help your fan last longer.

#3: Clean It Often

Dust and dirt that collect on the blades reduce airflow and therefore make it less efficient. Make sure you clean your fan often with a cloth or duster attachment from either side of the blades to get rid of any dust buildup.

You should also examine the housing unit regularly to make sure there isn’t any termite damage or general damage from weather conditions. If you notice any of these problems, contact a professional as soon as possible for advice on repairing them.

How Many Types Of Fan Are Available

Excluding X fans, generally, there are many types of fans available for ACs. It depends on the manufacturer which one they prefer to install in the air conditioner. However, mainly there are four categories of fans that are used in our electronic products. They are, namely: 

  1. Axial Fans
  2. Centrifugal Fans
  3. Vane-axial Fans
  4. Tube-axial Fans

Axial Fans

Axial fans are also called propeller fans. We generally use that kind of fan in our daily life. There is a disk-type wheel set up on a plate that is also motor-connected. When it works, it makes noises, and it works as an exhaust fan.

It is used when a large amount of air movement is needed in your room.

Centrifugal Fan

This fan is also known as a radial fan. There are some categories of centrifugal fans on the basis of their design. Among them, there are forward curve, backward curve, backward incline, and airfoil fans.

These fans work quieter than propeller type.

Van-Axial Fan 

There is a disk-type wheel in this fan which accommodates with a cylindrical tube. A guide vent is built into that tube. This vent can direct the course of airflow properly according to your room setup.

Tube-Axial Fan

In this fan, there is a propeller inside the cylinder, which is connected with a motor. 

Best Fan Speed For Air Conditioners

For stable humidity in your room and if you want your Ac to work properly, your whole system needs a perfect sized set-up and also need the fan speed CFMs between 350-400 CFM/ton of cooling. 


I hope you got your answer to “What is an x fan in an air conditioner?”Both A normal fan and an X fan of an air conditioner have their own purpose. While a normal fan functions outside of the air conditioner, an x fan functions inside the AC. It is the protection tool to keep your air conditioner safe from the water inside the AC. 

So, keep a watch on both the fans of an AC and take proper measures if any malfunction occurs.

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